Thursday, October 06, 2011

Learning is a process

Life is about risk and reward; potential cost versus possible reward. Such is the basis of the entire lottery system, not to mention the appeal of call options to neophyte investors. Determining the risk-reward ratio is why we trader types spend so much time talking about market expectations and sentiment. Today the only real question for traders is: Just how bearish is the Street?

Morning ... it is a normal morning day for me. Yes, since 4 years ago ... in daily basis, I have been waking up early. Initiall years, as I was listening to biz-China(2008-2009), I am awake by 5am. So, I always trying to tell my tratles that I came from the very bottom --- from dont know anything to the current level, know a little of things. I have no longer listening to bloomberg/cnn/cnbc or biz-china or even biz-malaysia!! But, I do still listen to selected video-clips and still enjoy listening to some fund-managers or economists opinions relating to global markets.

It has been sush a norm that at times I forgotten that I was struggling to understand any of such talks merely 3-4 years ago? Today, I am trying to gather information around and making my own independent views. It could be about the anything ... markets, currencies, economics, global trades .. anything, actually. Initially, it was a pain ... a struggle ... then, I make it a habit, a routine ... a chore!! And the music continues ... cultivating the interests in what I am doing in daily basis!

If you are going to do something in daily basis, might as well learn to love what you are doing!! That is my life-policy, anyway.

I could be goreng-keropok(for new readers, I WAS in goreng-keropok business which failed before I decided to turn into trading markets and teaching trading!!) ... I will make sure I enjoy the hours of tiring goreng-ing the keropok. It is just my attitudes -- never to give up on things I set my mind to. I read somewhere ... it is the character of the successful persons!!

Robert-Kiyosaki's Rich-Dad, Poor-Dad is a must read. It is one of the first financia-related books I read. Yes, to change my naive mindset about money!! I have changed my mindset about 6 years now, and still pushing myself to next level. We all should go beyond our comfort zone ... we should learn how to fish(the knowledge) rather than waiting for the fish to be given to us.

9.25 am : KLCI up 10 points ...

MudaJaya : Cleared all at 2.30 done moments ago. I grabbed at 2.08 yesterday, too fast and furious. Take profit first. The day before I sold at 2.05-2.10 which  I grabbed earlier at 1.92. WOW. It is too fast ... let it go and see later. It is at 2.31 now

TopGlove : Took losses ... due to greediness, grabbed yesterday. ouch.

UOADev : Still holding as my average is quite high, at 1.28

Sunway : Missed her as I opted for UOA yesterday

Buyings : KimLun and Muhibah. Constructions in play? Anticipating more MRT or ERL or LRT or WT* projects being announced by PM? Hmm ...

12.25 pm : Busy busy ... KLCI up 12 points.

TopGlove : It is down today as expected(technically) as it gapped up with shooting star formed. So, that is bearish. I have cut-loss on her so that I could ride on others. Glove-rally is over so soon? Watching.

YTLLand : In play too ... speculative play for short-term budget hype?

9.50 pm : KLCI up 18 points and MBSB flying very high today. I was busy having my meeting. HSI up the most in years ... 900+ points!! VERY BULLISH ...

TopGlove : A mistake done and have to cut-off.

KimLun : Taken positions as construction in play.

Muhibah : Another counter in construction following the trend.

Checking when the music will be over, like glove-stocks?

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