Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Stocks at new low

Armada : I have warned enough in many e-meetings about avoiding O&G (losing money companies) ... today at 46cents, new low. Do note that Armada WAS KLCI-linked.

Astro : hitting RM1.33 today, will it goes below RM1.30? Yes, Astro was taken out from KLCI-linked recently.

LafMsia : at RM2.30 low could it goes? I have wrote about the two-cement players recently too when LafMsia and Tasek not so low yet ... now, we see new low ... in every week.

MMCCorp : At RM1.13 level now ... previously KLCI-linked too.

MNRB : will it goes below RM1?

TM : at RM2.60 level ... current low is RM2.45, will it break this level? TM is still indek-linked but rumoured of potentially taken out.

This morning I have shown IOIPG, SIMEPROP and SPSETIA at new low ... more new lows to come ... want to learn CUT LOSS or ... prefer to hold to the pain?

Well ... there are many more going into new low. Are you holding one of them?


Property-giants at new low

HengYuan : checking if RM5.90 breaking soon.

Morning ... 9.15am ... nothing much as I sold off all my holdings yesterday morning. DOW minus 80points is nothing last night.

KLCI hanging at 1729 level at the moment.


SPSetia : new low ... RSI 20

IOIPG : new low ... RSI 20

SimeProp : breaking RM1 soon? new low ...

while many property-counters already in new low ... the above are giants-leaders.

note : I do not see reasons to buy property or their stocks.


Monday, October 15, 2018

Stock Watch : Biport and WPRTS

it is 4.30am ... I slept early last night.

Bought a new book for weekend read.

Book : Value investing in Asia

Chapter 8 : Three simple valuation techniques to live by : P/B, P/E and DCF(to learn further)

Bintulu Port : This is one stock most retailers will not check ... but I do.

website :

Market Cap : RM2.3bil

P/B : 2.27 (too high)

PER : 19.25 (high)

NTA : 2.588 (low)

QR : 2.80 (good/ok)

trend : downtrending

call : AVOID.

while many stocks/sectors, we should not use PE for valuation purposes, we have to check on other matrices.

So ... by check on data and records, we filter out these good counters to be kept in our buying list, when crisis is here.

Westport (WPRTS)

Market Cap : RM11.6 bil

P/B : 5.55 (very high)

PER : 19.2 (high)

NTA : 0.6596 (very low)

QR : 1.34 (low)

trend : sideway

call : AVOID.

From the above, at first glance ... we will not be buying into both for investing, not at current valuations.

I have been accumulating many in my list ... tracking each of them as it is a matter of time, sales would be here and we want to know if we can buy into them, hugely.

Note : This is just my personal opinion ... not a buy/sell call.

10 - Qinhuangdao Port, China
9 - Tianjin, China
8 - Ningbo-Zhoushan, China
7 - Qingdao, China
6 - Busan, South Korea
5 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
4 - Guangzhau, China
3 - Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2 - Singapore, Singapore
1 - Shanghai, China


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Avoid downtrending stocks

Sunday morning ... last night I gave a few stocks which either a pump-dump or the trend is over.

Netx : will they pump-dump again? I don't know ... if u wish to gamble ... be my guess.

ChinHin ... with construction theme is over, it is back to 72 cents level.

note : avoid building materials companies, even it is trading at 'low' PER ... it is not sustainable.

Coastal : going into new low ... with negative PER now. AVOID.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

e-meeting : Speculative and Hot-stocks

Speculative and hot-stocks

Sat, Oct 13, 2018 9:30 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Tonight will talk about few popular and hot-stocks ... and check where they are now. IFCA and such ...

Back in 2015 ... IFCA is a must-have , talk of the town ... in KLSE. what's not? It climbed from penny 20cents to RM1.70 ... and now back to 23cents?

So ... tonight talk more about how do we identify the stocks to be HOT and SPECULATIVE , in which the trend will end ... and it ended ugly.

Some are merely pump-dump ... but during the period of pump, it was very hot-popular and we cant resist not to participate?

IWCity ... the fast-furious pump-dump from Jan 2017 to Apr 2017 ... a 4 months of craziness. Are you one of those punted and STUCK inside IWCity? No worry ... you will continue to stuck and punt into few hot-stocks again ... till you lose most of your funds, stuck inside such stocks. Guaranteed.

How those with downtrending? Those with so-called fundamentals ... up up while they were hot (in theme play) but now not in favour?

Example : CSCSteel ... at RM1.70 level, someone in my group stated it is under-valued!! Haha ... I laughed as he was a newbie in market. So, I told him ... it is steel-rally, don't believe what you read in forums and noises out there. The trend will be over ... once over, make sure you are out before majority. If it started from 80cents level, it will ends there or lower!!

Esceram : thought glove-rallying now ... but why this is downtrending? Low at 15cents level ... do not stuck up there. Yes, I traded her during uptrend.

MARKET CRASHED? Really ... for your info, KLCI at 1730 level and recovering .... only those bought up there STUCK and CRASHED. We cant help those arrogant and ignorant ones ... but we can help those few with brain, who wish to learn.

Did I told you before I 'argued' once in i3-forum with a nick named LamKen who was promoting JCY at RM1.40 level back then? Well ... JCY recovered from the crash (IPO was RM3 plus, I think) of 30cents level to RM1.50 level ... I knew he was a 'runner' and promoting JCY to trap retailers there ... well, so naïve of me trying to help those retailers in i3-forum, only to realize that not many appreciate my efforts fact, some 'attacked' me. So, I quit i3-forum since then ... was it 2013?

JCY closed at 25cents now ... it was down back then due to flood in Thai ... well, avoid JCY back in 2013 due to HDD-biz not sustainable (flash-memory was introduced, fyi).

I rest my case ... who am I trying to warn those in forums? Silly me. I don't get anything from sharing my limited knowledge anyway. Besides, IBs were giving high target-prices etc etc.

What would happened to those hot-speculative stocks once they are no longer popular ... no long hot? There are few situations ... and I see if I could remember to share the ideas tonight.

Today very free ... time to jalan-jalan again.

Going for dinner.


How not to lose further

morning ... DOW up 287 points after lost 1300 points in two days. So, it is merely a technical rebound.

KLCI rebounded sharply yesterday with CIMB and Maybank rebounded too.

Yesterday ... started to buy some stocks again after I exited all by Monday. So, coming Monday, I will add in more in my positions if it sustain. for those didn't sell prior to the selldown (and stuck), nothing to do but HOPE it will rebound back to your cost or profit for u. good luck for those fully invested and averaging-down strategies.

Learning Corner

I have placed 200 plus stocks NOT TO TOUCH in 2018 as if you do not know how to trade them, you will get stuck for years to come ... and unlikely to recover to your cost price. If you are newbies, heed my advice to avoid them. You can be discipline.

Let me give few examples : high PER and Negative PER

AAX : closed at 24.5, down from recent peak 52cents level. Half priced. (PE 40.4 and NTA 23cents).

One of the criteria I placed was those negative PER or very HIGH PER companies. Simple ... if you are not in position, AVOID. You definitely can do that ... not taking positions. But, say you are STUCK inside AAX (IPO was RM1.20 level) and went thru the right-issues etc etc, holding for years ... you may think of SELLING (cutloss) when each it rebounds to reduce your losses.

Seriously, there are times when market bullish ... and our stocks perhaps going higher and higher. That is the time you CUTLOSS.

WCEHB : peaked 1.68 , closed at 66cents (PER 46.39 and NTA 0.7078).

This was previously known as KEuro .... builder of West-Coast-Expressway (WCE) and I just checked.

So, if we are stuck up there, what can we do? At least do not average it down ... with new PH-gov, we don't know if there is change of policies in those toll-highways and such. And if one is not in position, AVOID is the best advice. WHY choose the new-low stocks (unless it is 'cheap').

UMW : previously a giant, index-linked ... and being thrown. Closed at RM4.40 (PER -19.50 and NTA 2.7207)

website :

Not falling in love with UMW or any stocks is the rule in investing/trading. No ... it has nothing to do with the Toyota you are driving or many Toyota cars seen on the road. Charts do not lie ... we also should not lie to ourselves when it comes to investing. No emotion needed ... negative PER is bad, ok?

By loving a stock and keep averaging down (in order to lower our average with a hope the stock-price recovers) is seriously ...flawed.

How about those low PER (below 10) but downtrending?

Ekovest : closed at 51.5cents (PER 9.61 with NTA 0.8857)

Do not buy (or averaging down if you are STUCK up there) simple because the PER is low. It is downtrending and the sector is also downtrending. AVOID if not in position ... once 50cents broken, we shall check Ekovest at around 35cents level next ...

Downtrending stocks tend to go lower ... and continue its downtrend. That is how trend works, anyway.

if you do not want to lose further in your STUCK stocks : you should not average it down as it is downtrending.

You should not buy into speculative counters ....high PER or negative PER. Simple. Why bother about those counters, right?

You should not choose downtrending sectors too ... as they will stay depressed for long period of time (O&G, Properties, Constructions ... now add in Plantations).

The choice is yours ... you decide.

Have a nice weekend.


Friday, October 12, 2018

50cents : Armada and LayHong

10.20 am : DOW minus 545 points but KLCI rebounds plus 10points now.

Armada : alert at 50cents. once broken ... we shall see new low, and more retailers STUCK inside Armada ... well, averaging down is never right. cut-loss? You decide.

LayHong : at critical support ... will it break 50cents too?

arghh ... reminded me of songs by 50cents.

50 cent P.I.M.P uncensored version (explicit only for 30+ adults only)

keep cash ...not going to buy. off


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Selldown : CUTLOSS

SELLDOWN : cutloss

Thu, Oct 11, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

another selldown today ... let's talk about CUT LOSS. Long time didn't revise on this chapter.


KLCI bearish day #2

shared here a nice Malay song I have in my playlist, start liking it a lot.

10.45 am : KLCI minus 47points, at 1688 now. 1700 broken beautifully.

Average down : If you still averaging down all your funds in your losing stock, think again what will happen to your stocks when crisis here. This week selldown is just a hiccup, short term correction and we shall see rebound.Do be too confident whenever it is red = buy. You will be stuck MUCH MORE. Don't be naïve to catch knives.

HSI : minus 940 at the moment.

FCPO : gap down ... minus 30 now.

Property : the index is a strong downtrend ... with many properties-stocks in new low. AVOID.

SPSetia : long black yesterday ...pulling the index down.

tonight see got mood ... if DOW minus another 800, then only have e-meeting. Let all retailers killed first , then only talk about buying. Let them average down.


Sector : Plantation

Plantation (weekly) : critically would break support today. AVOID.

CBIP : new low ... closed at RM1.08

TSH : new low ...closed at RM1.10.

DOW minus 831 points

6.30 am : ALERT for those average down and stuck up there in stocks. After a minus 40points in KLCI yesterday, you may see gap-down in many stocks.

I have an e-meeting last night to tell all to cutloss and learn to understand supports. Then, I made it harsh to tell all those who stuck NOT TO AVERAGE DOWN. I said that since 2016 ... as I m preparing for the crash to come.

Market is NOT crashing yet ... but so many stuck up there. Good luck holding to stocks.

KLCI broken 1770 support = SELL all stocks. I sold all by Monday, fyi.

All the best to those keep talking about dollar-averaging, under-valued and don't know how to cut-loss. Endure the pain to come ... and if possible, QUIT before crash is here next year or so.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Long Blacks

Gamuda : closed RM2.07.

GenM : closed RM4.66

Genting : closed at RM7.30

IJM : closed RM1.45.

IOIPG : broken support too today ... new low. closed at RM1.41

Suncon : closed at RM1.37

TM : supported at RM3 ... today long black candle, broken convincingly.

TM : closed at RM2.55. Nice long black ...

there are many more ... good luck to those holding to stocks.

talk later ... I like the market now better. haha

Long black day

Wed, Oct 10, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


e-meeting : selldown

Long black day

Wed, Oct 10, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

talk about lloooonnggg black and cut-loss tonight.

USE : Gamuda and TM and ... many more.


Stock Watch : Gamuda

Gamuda : closed at 2.38 (PER 11.43 and NTA 3.07)

Suncon : closed at 1.55 (PER 14.51 and NTA 0.44)

IJM : closed at 1.64 (PER 20.83 and NTA 2.54)

MMCCorp : closed at 1.16 (PER 20.93 and NTA 3.13)

YTL : closed at 1.21 (PER 36.48 and NTA 1.2718)

From the above, PER of Gamuda the lowest. Dare to buy?

to be continued