Thursday, November 07, 2019

My new blog (I have moved away)

This is my NEW BLOG ... which no linked to i3-forums.

If I have the time, I will write on the why .. by the way, I have left i3-forum since 5-6 YEARS ago case anyone thought I read any comments there. I dont and i dont care. haha

This is my facebook ...if u want to follow (no need add as friends leh) as I post about PERSONAL things such as gardening. haha

to know what trades i m taking, JOIN MY TRADING GROUP(not free) and contact me

e-mail :

or message to 012-821 0129

I shown all my trades LIVE ...

Carimin  : I took Carimin this moring when it was red ... hit 1.38 new high at the moment, sold 1.37 and wait closing to buyback if breakout.

MTag : I took her yesterday breakout, still waiting for them to goreng up and sell for profits ... today's trade.

KGB : I took her as it is uptrend ... 1.43 now, new high and hold UPTREND is my idea of trading la.

For those charts, go to my new blog for updates on some trades I have done. I m trading very much efficient now due to 10yrs of self-training .... now a full time trader.

Join me for trial 2 months (Nov and Dec) ... if u r a trader, u could learn and trade well too.


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