Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Selldown in banking

AirAsia : will always in my trading list as it is a hot-liquid stock ... hope it dives to RM1.65 level for me to consider again

Honestly, it has been a very tough month for traders. It is drainin with cutloss ... and holding on ding-dong to some stocks, tho I bought mostly giants.

Today done PetGas trade ... was good. But, lost in Greatec ... take away some profits there. Greatec failed to breakout into new high.

With not good QR ... bombed. ABMB dived 10% ... the volume. wow.

So, the current selldown is in BANKING ... besides SimeProp and IOIPG at new low. Interesting, right?

Well ... hope the selldown will be more severe to buy lower.



Friday, August 23, 2019

Patience and Greed

Morning ... I shared this one with my trading group. It is very difficult to be patient ... we want to invest good stocks but then GREED seeps in ... we give in to the pressure of buying lousy stocks , hoping to profit much more shortest of time.

So, if we are to think about it ...why are we in stock markets, everyone would answer to INVEST and earn some money ... money makes money concept. Well, in theory ....on surface, it sounds logical. BUT we are entice by surrounding to punt into ... say, NAIM or KNM ... or any hot-stocks you can name it now.

Then, since we do not know how to cut-loss ... we dont know what is going on as the stocks continue to surge, everyone in the watsapp or telegram group TELLING that they profitted from it ... we feel so stupid not to participate. THAT pressure could be similar to the society pressure on us to buy branded items or change a new brand car ... latest model of handphones etc etc. It is PSYCHOLOGICAL ... and most people could easily influenced or given in.

Example of such statements like ...join my group ... you can win back the fees in a single trade. See how we traded KNM so well, we bought hugely at 10cents and now at 40cents ... you can do it tgether with us too. Lets us get RICH together ...ignore those sore losers who could not understand stock markets ... we do not use FA ... nope, no complicated TA needed. We are just interested to profit hugely ... from stock markets. It is easy ... come and join in?

GREED ... always playing inside us, thinking we could out smart markets. EVERYONE is like giving us the hint that it is easy and they are profiting. NOT many would admit they STUCK up there ... or have cutloss hugely. Not many honest people in stock markets, indeed.

Let me use a random chart to show ... this is AHB, I dont really know its biz or anything as it is never in my stalk-list. In MAY-JULY 2017 surged from below 20cents to 40cents level in a month. In short 3 months or so, everyone yelling how easy to double your capitals ... and must be promoted by someone or media. You were cursing yourself for missing the boat ... and jumped in around 35 cents... as some givn target price is RM1. Hence, u buy as big as possible .... ini kali la. You are desperate for money too ... you needed it fast ... it surged to 40cents .... huge profit in 1 week ... you are so proud of yourself ....but since the target is RM1, you decided to wait ....

dumped .... you are in paperloss now, checking around the forums ...everyone still holding but their cost price is lowe than yours. FEAR is inside you now since you bought with all your money in trading account. Cmon .... just this time, give me the good profit ... you PRAYED.

If you never learn how to cutloss ... or you dont know the fundmental of the companies, how do you know if you should buy big into a stock ... or sell?

Be an investor ... think long term.

That is what most of us being advised. We simply cannot deny that we are such a greedy being ... and to ask us to WAIT for crash to invest, heck ... every year they are talking of crash, it is never here. So ... lets earn money short term by trading!! Heck ... do you know that trading is difficult? Those donkeys whom you listened to ... they lied. Trading is too difficult to do it in 1 hour per day kinda part-time hobby. They advertised and lied ... you are not that naive, are you?

Sometimes we think ... should  I just quit markets now .... cutloss and wait for crash?

Easier said than done as by the time of crisis ...FEAR would take over. And patience is thinning ... without us to understand why ... when ... what.

So ... what can we advise others? In 2016 , I started to prepare for crash ... I gave many e-meeting relating to cut-loss, challenged those few who came to my e-meeting to executing cutloss. Today, they should be glad and thankful if they did ...but I believe , they dont. STUCK ... it is ok, most 80% stuck up there anyway, they consoled themselves.

Be patience ... move away from markets if you are not trading. NOTHING is cheap or worth investing yet. Then, see if you dare to come in to buy during crisis? I bet you WONT ..

Take care as market is expected to rebound from here ... for more funds to distribute their losing stocks to those ignorant ones.

Be aware.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Bad Quarter Reports

news : AirAsia X sees its net loss deepen significantly in 2QFY19 to RM207.1mil from RM57.5mil a year earlier.

AAX : continues to bleed ... would it goes to new low tmr? We shall check the target price given at 14cents.

Aemulus : bad QR too ... tmr see can grab some if diving

CJCen : closed 40.5 cents ... shall check if tmr would gap down and break 36cents low. Logistic is still crashing lower ...

There are many more ... tmr check if those gap down.


Importance of CUTLOSS

Morning has been a yoyo week ... up-down.

Yesterday, i have lunch with a friend ... as she was showing me her 'portfolio' which stuck up there. As those are goreng-ed lousy stocks without much volume now, I have given her possibilities but the best is still cut-loss since stuck for 4-5 years. Then ...keep the remaining capital safely .... wait for crisis to re-coup some losses.

Give an example here ... if u stuck up there, say ...PRIVA for whatever excuses you could say, what should we do? buy more? or cutloss? Or just let it be ... one fine day, it might goreng up?

Quiz : WHY majority wont cutloss small ... but waited till so so low ... to decide if want to cutloss or not?


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Property Stocks : M

Morning to DOW plus 300 points, rebound from that day minus 800.

Property Index falling to new low this week ... so, IS PROPERTY SECTOR bottoming out like most property gurus talking about? Then ... how about buying property-stocks ... and hold?

Let me pluck few property-stocks ... say, starting wih letter M

MCT (PER 4.53 with NTA 0.61) At new low level ... buying? Low PER and higher NTA.

MahSing (PER 8.14 with NTA 1.45) ...breaking support too ... at 88cents, where is the bottom?

Malton (PER 18.95 with NTA 1.74) at 49cents, this is always been in play ...

MKLand (PER 12.53 with NTA 1.00) at 17cents,  long time no check her ... wow. below 20cents now. How low is low?

MKH (PER 8.62 with NTA 2.72) at low RM1.12 ... is it a BUY?

Well ... the whole sector crashing ...still reaching for new low. Imagine this ...if you STUCK up there, would you cutloss NOW (so low ? ) or average down?

Matrix : ( PER 6.87 with NTA 1.68) ...Trading at RM1.90

Is Matrix the only M not at new low and still sdeway?

Have a nice weekend ...  let's rest.


Thursday, August 15, 2019

SELLDOWN to continue

It is mid-AUGUST 2019 now ... DOW minus 700 points as I m writing here. SELLDOWN further in KLSE later ... breaking 1600 is critical ... will we be breaking 1580?

Cut-loss is CRITICALLY important if we are stuck or holding to stocks that drifting lower. Lose small ... to survive.

Not allowing emotion to be in play ... we need to manage the downside. Currently I m into mostly oversold big-cap , yet they are drifting lower without bottom to be seen.

Financial Index is oversold. So ... I m buying into this. This is the one dragging KLCI down ... the rebound of banks will see KLCI to rebound. Financial is heaviest in our KLCI. The selldown seem to be not over yet. Nibble.

Construction Index showing at support ... but the current bad sentiment could mean we may see huge downside. Avoid.

What to avoid are those small-mid caps ... speculative and hot-stocks : example KNM, GPacket and such. Also those shot-up high-high due to certain hot-news ... and those not down yet (Frontkn etc).

I hope to see ... selldown of 20-30% in those stocks like Inari, Greatec and so ... then, we will start buying again.

Hope all sit tight ... and watch the selldown show ... which expected to continue.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

KLCI at 1596

KLCI minus 18 points.

Opening sell : AirAsia 1.88 ...GenM 3.17 and BAT RM23 (ex-div).

holding : still holding some blue chips to add ... add more as it is not a CRASH leh ...this is a sneeze. Worry more for those into Frontkn and such. Those buying KNM ...if they lose money, they are asking for it.

So ... while the selldown is focused on big caps, I will focus in buying them.

Got to drive down to Muar now ...visiting nurseries. Haha

Continue later.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Crashed Sector (AUG19) : Properties

Quiz : Is the property sector bottomin out in 2019? If so ... why not invest in property stocks?

property-index chart

E&O (NTA 1.40 and PER 18.80, Market Cap RM1.173bil) : reaching to new low .. at around 80cents level now.

Ecoworld (NTA 1.49 and PER 12.86, Market Cap RM2.297bil). Hit new low at 72cents this week but closed 78cents to form a 'hammer'. Reversing from here?

KSL (NTA 2.80 and PER 3.83) : back to 80cents after a short surge due to 'good media' report.

MahSing (NTA 1.45 and PER 8.28, Markt Cap RM2.173bil) : at critical level of 89.5cents ... will it breaks to go lower?

6.20 am .. time to rest zzz and to wake up later for a class. Will update in noon or night. check my blog for updates :


Long Weekend : Trip to Melaka

3.30 am : Liverpool is leading 3 - 0 vs Norwich.

AirAsia : from the chart RM2.05 level is a SELL as that is called RESISTANCE. Then, weshall wait for pullback ... and buy on reversal.

AirAsia is a very good trading stock as it swings up-down many retailers would like her too.

AirAsia is always in my list to trade ... so, that is what traders should do, put these stocks in their list. Watch in regular basis to check reversal ... trade them. Buy as large at 'low' point ... check cut-loss in case market going against us ... and let it run. Currently, I recommended my group to buy around RM1.80 and I bought too (disclaimer : blah blah)

We do not need many stocks ... just focus in few ...say, 10 in our trading list and wait for opportunities.

Recently KLCI dived below 1600 ... for a while before making that rebound to above 1600 ... so, that wouldbe time to BUY. Check our list ... see any counters dived much to say ...oversold or support. BUY with a cutloss in mind.

When market rebounds, take smaller ones them short term. Sell them off ...those swing-volatile-smallish stocks ... which holding to the giants.

5.25 am : Final score 4 - 1 vs Norwich City

DOW minus 90points only ... after an early scare of minus 200 plus due to the tweeter-man.

HSI-call-put : Was shorting HSI well ...suddenly turned long few days ago ... and it failed to rebound and killed me. So, turning short again. HSI-futures closed minus 172 points.

Holding : few blue-chips heavy-weights

Sold : Myeg, Inari, HSSEB and Dsonic.

Failed to sell : Armada (target sell 24cents)

Melaka Trip : As Monday is an off day ... I m planning to visit Muar (nurseries are the target) and stay a day in Malacca ... those which to meet-up, message me 012-821 0129 ... if I could find the time, surely will.

Have nice loong weekend ... fight again on Tuesday.


Friday, August 09, 2019

Sell to buyback lower

Today is Friday ... DOW up 371 points ... yesterday, KLCI up a lot.

I started to buy on Tuesday when there is blood around on the street ... I had an e-meeting on Tuesday night to explain should we be buying and the risk involved ... then, Wednesday continue to buy ... yesterday, still buying. Now ...from cash positions to heavier inside ..

I sold most last week Wednesday till Friday.

Traders always looking for bargain. sell for profits ... or cutloss ...keep cash for selldown. Then, buyback cheaper. Easier said than done.

Example : I sold MYEG 1.68 ... Now, I bought back MYEG ..cheaper.

Trading is to SELL at resistance and high level, check if we could buyback during pullback.

Investing is to buy-hold ... and average down. BUT not for 2019 ..2019 is a trading-market, so ... buy to invest ONLY during crisis/crash.

If one could not understand cutloss .... and get out (do not get stuck), then he/she is not trading.


Thursday, August 08, 2019

Happy 11th Bday

... my blog.

I started this blog 8th Aug 2008.

It has been 11 years ... and my trading adventures continue ...


Tuesday, August 06, 2019

SELLDOWN : Time to get excited

Good morning ... DOW minus 767 points. Nasdaq down more than 3% ... HSI would dive further ...

so ... are we seeing crash now?

Nope ... we are only seeing some so-called correction and it is very sharp due to sharp rebound from 1580 to 1690 KLCI ... and many penny-rallied 100-200% ... so, correction is common. Not crash.

HSI ... will it break 25000 level?

I will want to put some diving charts later ... as i m expecting selldown in Frontkn, Inari, Dufu, Gtronic, Myeg, Eforce, Revenue, Elsoftg, Greatec ... and more such tech-related counters with Nasdaq minus 3%.

Are we ready to buy this week? Cant contain my excitement. haha

note : only excited if you are in cash position la ... sold most last week. those thinking of AVERAGING down, good luck.

update later


SELLDOWN : US-China Trade War

DOW minus 500 plus and HSI-futures down 1200 points ... I shorted HSI (using put) but unfortunately, I covered my short FKLI last week. Need to learn to hold ... now is prepare to long.

Which stocks to buy? So far not many oversold ... except blue-chips.

AirAsia : at RM2 is a no brainer to sell (if you jumped in to buy after ex-div at RM2, you SHOULD consider quitting markets as your lack of common sense is glaring ... it could be due to experiences, that is forgiven)

I m glad I sold Myeg, Revenue and Inari at RM1.68 ... last week. Now I could get them at 1.38 or lower, if i want la ... so many stocks on sales,  dont know which one to buy, with limited funds.

STUCK? But if you are stuck up there when I said SELL last week ... good luck. You are lacking in logic ... so, cannot help much as when we follow those forums, watsapp noisy groups ... we lost our logic. HERD mentality issue ... they will only tell you their profiting trades ... and keeping quiet about their STUCK up there stocks.

Well ... I m going shopping this week ...start buying la ... wat?? CRASH ... not yet worry

THINK ... use brain, ya. Night


Monday, August 05, 2019

Aug 2019 : Trade War US-China

Monday morning ... Liverpool lost in penalties tho they played well in the second half. Next week ... the league will start and hope they could win most of their games, especially when playing vs top-teams.

DOW-futures : minus 30 points ...still early and nothing much.

So ... this week, we would be watching if China is to retaliate ... most probably not as they treated Trump as a small boy, showing his normal tantrums.

Been shorting HSI well (using HSI-put) .... but I closed my positions too early ... so, how now , how to chase?
continue later

Sunday, August 04, 2019

KLCI in downtrending mode

They said : charts do not lie ... so, i shown this chart of KLC (weekly) when someone (many) yelling bullish market ... etc etc ..

this is DOWNTRENDING chart ... no need to argue. This is WEEKLY chart ... dont know if u could understand charts reading or conned by many so-called technical-sifus ... this is called INDEX chart .,.. dont know if you read that I have been telling for 1-2 yrs now that KLSE crashed ... and currently we see construction-sector having a technical-rebound (ignorant traders using the term UPTREND ... i was like ... err ... they dont see the forest?)

Dayang is downtrending ... rebounded well after crashed. The peak was about RM4, crashed fyi.

Econbhd is downtrending ... if we check the whole chart ... i was trading her UPTREND in 2016, by the way ... I traded whole construction UP (new high each week) OKA, Gamuda-we, etc etc

Today Econbhd is uptrending IF we use shorter time framed chart ... say since DEC 2018?

Many stocks look as if they are uptrending .... since JAN 2019 ... that is due to most crashed so much that it is experiencing a BOUNCE ... in technical, we called it dead-cat bounce ... limited upside and will be back to base or lower. Again, how newbies being mis-led in technical that they could not get the idea of forests-n-trees. Check the forest (longer time frame) before you bother about the tree (short term). Do not use the words "UPTREND" loosely ... or for fundmentalists, do not use the term "UNDER VALUED" as that is not true ... either you have something up your sleeves for con-ning whole ignorant public ... or you are ignorant yourself la ... whichever way, always get second opinions. Always.

there are few uptrending stocks around ... VERY few. They are not those 52-week high such as DOWNTRENDING KNM or GPacket ... but those at new high ... historically. Due to current sentiment ... they are retracing too to critical supports.

Example : Takaful

Takaful might be down aso due to FWD news ... nice hammer at support formed last Friday. Sitting at 100MA ... it has broken 20MA and 50MA ... and moving into DOWNTREND too. See?
Do your 'forest' homework ..go to weekly chart and data must be from at least 2008 crash level ... you could see clearer that Dayang or Econbhd are till downtrending.

Have a nice week ahead ... hopefully CHINA retaliates towards Trump's latest 10% tariffs ... and re-start the trade-war more agressively. I hope they are not arrogant enough to go into physical war ... sigh.


Friday, August 02, 2019

1st AUG : DOW minus 280

Morning to ... DOW minus another 280 points after the 333 points lost the day after FED cut the rate. Hmm ... before I slept around 1am last night, it was plus 250 points leh ... wait a minute, what did I missed?

TRUMP ... shorted the markets!! Hahaha ... that powerful fella put another 10% tariffs ... his weapon against countries ... especially CHINA.

Breaking News : The US president announces fresh tariffs of 10% on another $300bn of Chinese products from 1 September.

His flip-flop mind ... would eventually crash the US. He wanted FED to cut more ... cut till zero ..if possible NEGATIVE rates ... but that Powell ... well ... wont be so well going against his boss : YOU ARE FIRED. haha

I m starting to nibble ... bought two stocks (giants) so far ... and will add once KLCI going below 1620 ...if possible 1600? Going below 1580 ... great for my FKLI short ... where are those BULL-gang talking about 1700 or even higher by end 2019?

I do hope it rebounds to 1700 or even 1800 too, ok? Hopefully, I m smart enough to short 1700, 1750, 1800 ... see how far it could bull?

While Trump cant be trusted with his words ... he could anytime LONG markets ... and reverses in his thoughts. hehe

Short- HSI : I have been shorting HSI well but ... ai yo ... I closed my positions yesterday.

This is HSI-futures ... see? DOW was positive 250 points opening, ok? SO ...SO ... I thought HSI and KLCI would rebound today (tho I still have one short in FKLI).

It is so unpredictable ... well, it is risky ... so, everyone need to learn to manage the RISK. The downside is HUGE ... with limited upside. Do your Math on Risk-Reward ratio ...

See KLCI punya candle yesterday? I really thought it would rebound leh ... luckily only nibble few stocks ... time to cutloss?

Excited ... but cautiously.

Good luck to those holding stocks ... those buy-hold swing goreng-stocks.


Thursday, August 01, 2019

Stocks that I sold at 1.68 last week

Morning to DOW minus 333.75 points. Time to go shopping ... if you are not stuck up there la. If you in cash position ... last week I also got written there ... SELL DAY.

KLCI at 1690 is time to think of selling ... KLCI back to 1600 ...time to think of buying, ya.

Inari : resistance at RM1.70 ... so, I sold RM1.68.

Myeg : 1.68 is the resistance. SELL. closed at 1.55 yesterday ... can try to buy RM1.45 today.

Revenue : resistance at RM1.70 ... sold the warrant above 70cents when mommy was at RM1.68.

note : I missed Frontkn last week ... so, didnt get to sell RM1.68 ... yesterday it came tumbling down. Good.

All the above are in my trading list ... as they swing swing ... buyback lower now but how low is low?

Time for shopping.