Thursday, May 23, 2019

Short trading week

Morning ... 8.30am. This week , we have two days off ...Monday and Wednesday(yesterday). Today is Thursday ... so, check again next week then for more Raya sales.

Ok ...using ipad to blog ...need time to get use to it, or might put off blogging again.

I m still checking on LCTitan which at new low ... there, the screen shot (I learnt to screen shot using my ipad and also scribble on the screen. Cool, right?)

The print too small ... need someone to help me with that fonts setting etc.

Tuition : A-level exams is on going ...been busy with that and next week would be last week exams for further maths students. Those who have friends or kids studying IGCSE or A-level ...needing maths tutor, can contact me at 012-8210129.

Note : don’t know how to highlight or colour the letters. So, it would be black for the time being. I m tech idiot, by the way.

Ok ...I shall pause and will update later ...since I can blog as I move ...using this iPad. It is kinda cool idea I got last weekend. I have this iPad for 3yrs now ...seldom use it, only for listening to songs or watching YouTube. Haha

Off for the time being

9.10am : short fkli opening ... taken rm300. Thanks. KLCI minus 12 now ...1591, FKLI is still a short.

9.30am : Dayang suspended. POS diving 8% now ... how? Catching knives?

I m aiming for giants ...SIME and such which is down again today morning ... KLCI recovering to minus 6.

11.30am : from minus 13 ... now we recovering so well, minus 2 points. Ouch to my shorts now in huge paperloss ...

Dayang at 95cents ...minus 15% and POS at 1.40 minus 11%

For updates have to go to here ya. Won’t be refresh in forums or links.

Take care for those holding stocks


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