Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Morning ... DOW minus 617 points, not 800 plus points as I wished. Still ...we shall see selldown.

Gtronic : at RM1.70 level ... will it go back to RM1.40 this week? Hopefully ...dare to buy at RM1.40? Hopefully ...

DSonic : RM1.20 divide 4 = 30cents ... now 46cents, will go to 30cents or not? Dare to buy there this week?

Dialog : Closed RM3.08 ... will it dives to RM2.70 again ...would you dare to buy there?

Note : BUYING is only possible for those fully in cash and not stuck up there.

Those holding ... brace yourself for another round of selldown.

SELLING is more important than BUYING.


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