Friday, April 05, 2019

Private Placement of E&O

Morning ... 8am KL time.

It has been a while that I manage to get my butt ... sit and blog. I have plenty of things in mind and to do ... example : taking photos of my blooming hibiscus. haha.


for more photos of my 13 pots (and counting) of Hibiscus ... go to my facebook.

started to ask to buy Hibiscus since Jan ... now at 1.11 level, sell all around 1.35. A pot of hibiscus selling around RM15 - RM30, actually. At current RM1.11 ... it is deemed to be extremely under-valued. haha

Actually ... this morning, I m talking about PP (private placement) of E&O , which placed at 98cents ... higher than current 90cents level. Should we follow the 'hot money', buying lower than him?

so ... I will post more of E&O's recent PP ... and proposed right-issues.


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