Friday, December 20, 2019

I have moved to a new blog

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will create a FB page for those followers/readers ... for discussion purposes.

go to the above link ... will want to blog today. check it out there. i m no longer here.

will continue to promote my new blog ... and start blogging again.


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Update : Plantation Stock (JTiasa and WTK)

go to my new blog ... will put this 'ads' for few more weeks/months ... once  in a while for NEW readers ... and an old-reader messaged me, asking why I no longer blog!!

I have moved ... that is all.

move on ...


Thursday, November 07, 2019

My new blog (I have moved away)

This is my NEW BLOG ... which no linked to i3-forums.

If I have the time, I will write on the why .. by the way, I have left i3-forum since 5-6 YEARS ago case anyone thought I read any comments there. I dont and i dont care. haha

This is my facebook ...if u want to follow (no need add as friends leh) as I post about PERSONAL things such as gardening. haha

to know what trades i m taking, JOIN MY TRADING GROUP(not free) and contact me

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I shown all my trades LIVE ...

Carimin  : I took Carimin this moring when it was red ... hit 1.38 new high at the moment, sold 1.37 and wait closing to buyback if breakout.

MTag : I took her yesterday breakout, still waiting for them to goreng up and sell for profits ... today's trade.

KGB : I took her as it is uptrend ... 1.43 now, new high and hold UPTREND is my idea of trading la.

For those charts, go to my new blog for updates on some trades I have done. I m trading very much efficient now due to 10yrs of self-training .... now a full time trader.

Join me for trial 2 months (Nov and Dec) ... if u r a trader, u could learn and trade well too.


Monday, November 04, 2019

Updates on SPSetia

Go to the link to check on my current trading plan on SPSETIA. Do note that all I m posting my trades in my new blog.

Thanks and have a bullish week ahead.


Saturday, November 02, 2019

New posts in my new blog

Well, readers need to go to my new blogas i m leaving this blog. thanks for all the supports.


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Updates on ABMB and AirAsia

morning ... updated on my AirAsia and ABMB trades in my new blog

go to :

one need to go to my new blog link for any posts or update.

Will try to post here till end year and if i could sustain the momentum, bye bye to this blog by 2020.

Have a nice trading day.


Saturday, October 12, 2019

New blog (again)

as I have tried to move out from this blog many of time ... hope I m able to do that this time. haha.

go to :

i might fail ... and come back here.


Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Giant waterfalls : BStad and SPSetia

SPSetia : At new low level ... bearish sector. Most property stocks are downtrending, anyway.
 In a month, SPSetia came down from RM1.45 to current RM1.35. Do the Math.

BStead : As I m writing here, BStead just went into a new low again ... at 96cents now. A month ago, it was at RM1.04 level ... and see how in a month, it is still dropping. Dont know why someone sent to me asking me if BStead a buy as it is under-valued? Negative PER can be under-valued? hmm


Sunday, October 06, 2019

Waterfall : LKL

Well ... so, the selldown is here. Time to go shopping? I closed my shorts and went long. Buying stocks too ... and we shall sell them of this week ... as the rebound is not sustainable, another selldown ison the way (for US).

I was typing KLK (i bought on Friday too) ... but ooopss ... fat fingers, I typed LKL instead. Let me check on her ... down to new low since IPO. Oh boy, what a nightmare for investors.

Today's dish  : LKL (code : 0182)

At 9 cents ... I was checking on her ... as I never heard of LKL. Normally, I only follow those newly listed ...uptrending (such as Greatec which I bought too). So ...LKL in which sector?

Sector : Medical

As I m searching the info ... I sent this to my group as I told them to AVOID all negative PER since 2016 as if crisis is comin to hit us, well ... we would see these negative PER counters might be de-listed or taken private cheaply.

If I want to attend their AGM (for understanding more of their biz), I could buy the minimum 100 units, right?

Ok ... just decide if we are investing ... dont buy-hold in 2019. If you are trading, dont bother these new low stocks.

Have a nice week ahead.


Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Oct 2nd : DOW minus 343

Morning to OCT ... good to see DOW minus 343 points ... and in right track for coming selldown. I can wait.

Nothing much for 1st day of OCT ... marking Q4 of 19 ... 3 more months to Wawasan 2020.

I dont read forums o watsapp/telegram messages ... away from the noises. I stay aside ... do short trades as we really see swing up/down.

One of the wrst type of traders you could find are those chasing hot and high stocks, stuck ... and averaging down.

Prlexus ... they accumulated at low ... then, the spike yesterday was to sell to those greedy newbies or retailers who ...will be stuck inside again, more joining the list of being stuck.

Most of those in forums and groups ONLY like to talk about winning trades and profits. Not many real traders around ... or even real investors. MOST of them losing or stuck ... and never want to understand WHY ...never really take a real hit on their own doings ... and hence, causing so much of pain, holding dearly to many stocks. WHY cant we have a platform to discuss what we should be doing with those stocks we stuck inside ... and critically but objectively think what we should do and hence, prepare for the crisis?

Some stocks will take years to ever recover ... if they ever recover. Some would be de-listed or taken cheaply when crisis is here. Do you own Math ... market no crash yet you crashed inside. When globally markets crashing ... do you think your stocks would go up .... or maybe, logically going down?

LHI : Down from RM1 plus ... yesterday done a short day-trade with her and good. Breakout is nice ... no sell, today red red pullback again.

No has nothing to do much about the fundamentals of prices of eggs. Loooong term investors might check that as prices of eggs, oil and any commodities fluctuate ... and we cant relate them to the fundamental changes for short term swing in stocks.

Today is Q4 of 2019 ... we are at end cycle, awaiting for crash to come. Market hanging on ... but more stocks are in down trending , including LHI or Prlexus.

One may check their AR to see how many thousands of retailers stuck inside them ... I do check some of them and show it to my group. Well , at least they survived and not stuck up there ... as we learnt cutloss.

Well ... it is not 'nice' to talk about losses, I guess. But it is REALITY ...someday, we have to face it.

coffee-meet : If you are stuck up there, we can have a coffee-meet (on you, of coz) and we can discuss about your portfolios. I wont mind giving my opinions on them.

Time to jog. check later


Monday, September 30, 2019

End of Sept : Awaiting the selldown

Morning ... end of Sept? Good ... it is OCT soon, time to play ...haze is over?

UEMS : Taken from my facebook ...which I shown 'a chart a day, to keep investors away'.

Note : about 20k plus retailers STUCK up there, according to the AR18

AnnJoo : going to break that support and back to penny?

With property stocks at new low, we shall see building-materials such as steel-companies crashing down too.

Tasek : RM14 divide 4 = RM3.50 ... can I by there? The recent spike-rebound due to news of YTLCement entered into LaFarge(M).

So ... it is end of Sept.

If property sector is going to bottom out in 2019, it is time to INVEST (buy to hold?) in stocks such as UEMS or AnnJoo?

Those stuck up there, cant help much. Those in cash positions, will you buy?


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Do nothing week : Awaitin' for sales

Morning ... DOW flattish last night but currently DOW futures up 100 points.

Repo Market : it seems that they will be pumping in USD75b into the system for two weeks. wow.

Bursa : weekly chart ...  back to my cost price, if I didnt sell her off for profits. I sold her way too early actually as it went to RM7 plus. haha

BStead : someone asked me about this one ... used to be large conglomerate ... linked to gov ... now, bleeding (check their NEGATIVE PER ... and also their cashflow) ... you wont want to buy-hold and invest in her. Any buying into BStead now is called speculation ... and those stuck up there, is called 'accidental investors' ... anyway, i will check the price actions and see if I could day trade.

note : can see the 20MA is a strong downtrend resistance ... so, WHY buying downtrending stock which losing money? hmmm

9.50am ; suddenly KLCI down 7 points, good for my FKLI short and those like me in cash ...awaiting for sales.

I m waiting for 1580 to break ... all the way t 1520.

Wait ... in a mean time, go shopping mall lepak (unless anyone which to treat me coffee ... lets chit chat)


Monday, September 23, 2019

23rd Sept : One week to go

Monday ... good day as Liverpool played 6, won 6 of their EPL. But the haze still bad ...

HSI-f : In the morning opening, it gapped up 200 plus points, and I took another short. Now it is slightly late and I could do well with the short ... remembering the 1000 points surge recently.

Repo-market : Over the weekend, I shared with my trading group learn something 'new' for many newbies there. It is on-going last week in Wall Street, fyi.

To join my trading group : e-mail or message 012-8210129 (NO, it is not free ..not those noisy forums ... it is for checking my tradings, trading ideas and learning ....lots of learning for newbie)

facebook : or send a message to me in FB messager.

FCPO : still holding to short and short on rebound trading idea. Any other things are noises.

FKLI : this is trickier ... as local funds still supporting it to be at range 1580 - 1600 range. Can short it as DOW/SP500 at new high and potentially pullback

BIMB : downtrendin now ... done so well, moving in tandem with Takaful. Now, as trader ... we try not to trade these downtrend ...drifting low chart.

Sept : I have asked many to SKIP trading in Sept, unless you are do short term trading. Wake me up when Sept ends ..just one more week t go.

In cash : Besides shorting FKLI/FCPO/HSI/SP500 ... i m in cash, awaiting for Deepavali sales ..or perhaps Christmas sales ... I can wait.

so ... all the best for those stuck up there, averaging or still believing in 'value investing' which wont work since 2016 (end cycle of markets, dont talk about low ... as it would go lower)


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Formula for success

Morning ... lost to Napoli in their first game of CL. Well, they will win all their remaining games.

Formula for success

1. Thoughts
2. Ideas

Ace-Index : Monthly chart showing we are in downtrending ... with only few ACE-counters still uptrending, most are at low ...or even new low without much activities now. Dying ... died.

will check n continue later. maybe.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Steps to be 'successful'


1. Reduce the amount of time you waste
2. Be more organised
3. Get rid of the mental clutter

Habits to start

1. Keep a schedule
2. Wake up early
3. Exercise
4. Planning and Execution
5. Emotional --- Pause
6. Clear the mess
7. Meditate
8. Plan your weekend

Have a nice day. Will blog more often, consistent.


Monday, September 16, 2019

New lows : SPSetia and Ecoworld

Morning ... DOW and S&P going into new high soon ... but KLCI still struggling to stay at 1600 level and half of KLSE crashed.

I can continue for few more weeks to show the "Waterfall List" and is it really time to buy 'cheap' stocks? I asked around ...they said, crash is a BUY but most STUCK up there, how are they going to by now ... to average down, you mean? Then ... what?

DCA : Dollar cost averaging is one strategy being used for NOT timing the markets ... fixed an amount that you will invest in onw/two stocks in regular basis (suggesting once in half a year).

SPSetia : at 2008 low level, time to buy?

Note : There are around 3k retailers STUCK up there inside SPSetia.

Ecoworld : at new low too ... time to buy?

Note : There are aorund 16k retailers stuck up there ... wondering what to do? DCA?


Thursday, September 12, 2019

12th Sept : The Waterfall list

1. Bornoil
2. CCK
3. Ecoworld
4. EWInt
5. GOB
6. HiapTeck
7. Huaan
8. LayHong
9. Malton
10. N2N

Bornoil :


Ecoworld :

EWInt :

HiapTek :

Huaan :

LayHong :

Malton :

N2N :



Tuesday, September 10, 2019

10th Sept : The Waterfall list


Ancom :


Benalec :

BPPlas :

BStead :

ChinHin :

Coastal :

GeShen :

GKent :

KimHin :

Malakof :

MMCCorp :


Mycron :

Orna :

Salcon :

to be continued


Sunday, September 08, 2019

Sept 8 : The 100 Waterfall list

This is the 100 waterfall charts I shown for a week ... if I m motivated enough, I will continue for another 100. No worry, I have 500 waterfalls ...

and if you tell me retailers NOT stuck up there in any of these ... I will laugh. You must be joking. But it is not a joke .. a sick joke, indeed ... realising thousands stuck up there, in pain ... no eyes see ... and dnt know what to do with their bleeding portfolio.

WELCOME to STOCK MARKETS where most will not tell u truth ... about their portfolios. Posting only the WINNING stocks ... and continue to stay in denial with the losing ones.

Note : We are not at bottom yet ....long winter is here, and will be very long indeed.

1. 3A (PE 13.19 wth NTA 0.6958)
2. AAX (PE -1.53 with NTA 0.13)
3. Aeon (PE 18.1 with NTA 1.24)
4. Affin (PE 6.97 with NTA 4.6)
5. Amprop
6. AnnJoo
7. APM
8. Astino
9. Astro
10. ATTA
11. BAT (PE 12.74 with NTA 1.29)
12. BPuri (PE -97.97 with NTA 0.6635)
13. CCB (PE 58.23 with NTA 2.8148)
14. Censof (PE 335.12 with NTA 0.2637)
15. CJCen (PE -322.18 with NTA 0.81)
16. CSCStel (PE 21.19 with NTA 2.19)
17. Cuscapi (PE -9.09 with NTA 0.11)
18. Dataprp (PE -6.18 with NTA 0.03)
19. Destini (PE -23.22 with NTA 0.4396)
20. Dnex (PE 14.64 with NTA 0.27)
21.. E&O (PE 22.61 with NTA 1.40)
22. Eatech
23. Efficen (PE -15.89 with NTA 0.18)
24. EG (PE 7.95 with NTA 1.2596)
25. EMetall (PE 113.42 with NTA 1.30)
26. Escaram (PE 40.52 with NTA 0.25)
27. Evergreen (PE -8.97 with NTA 1.40)
28. Fajar (PE 9.59 with NTA 0.7895)
29. FLBhd (PE 6.45 with NTA 1.73)
30. GDex (PE 51.25 with NTA 0.08)
31. Genetec
32. HaiO (PE 14.82 with NTA 1.07)
33. HengYuan (PE -13.48 with NTA 6.9050)
34. Hevea (PE 22.04 with NTA 0.77)
35. HuaYang (PE -6.73 with NT 1.67)
36. Icon (PE -0.12 with NTA 0.0365)
37. Ikhmas (PE -0.87 with NTA 0.19)
38. Inta (PE 5.65 with NTA 0.244)
39. IOIPG (PE 9.33 with NTA 3.42)
40. IQGroup (PE -12.43 with NTA 1.55)
41. KESM (PE 18.84 with NTA 8.34)
42. KimLun (PE 6.29 with NTA 2.05)
43. Krono (PE 15.53 with NTA 0.44)
44. Lambo (ACCSoft) (PE 7.00 with NTA 0.0591)
45. Latitude (PE 14.63 with NTA 5.82)
46. LCTitan (PE 15.77 with NTA 5.17)
47. LeonFB
48. LHI (PE 19.4 with NTA 0.4542)
49. LionInd (PE -1.70 with NTA 2.49)
50. Masteel (PE -4.60 with NTA 1.49)
51. MGB
52. Mieco (PE -3.41 with NTA 0.64)
53. Mitra
54. Mikromb (PE 25.13 with NTA 0.1386)
55. MMSV (PE 18.35 with NTA 0.2941)
56. Notion
57. OKA
58. Pesona (PE 13.02 with NTA 0.2716)
59. PetronM (PE 8.24 with NTA 6.3972)
60. PIE (PE 11.19 with NTA 1.10)
61. POS (PE -6.61 with NTA 2.15)
62. Presbhd (PE -7.18 with NTA 0.2257)
63. Rev (PE -43.53 with NTA 0.05)
64. Sapnrg (PE 18.42 with NTA 0.87)
65. SCable (PE -2.25 wit NTA 74.0)
66. SCGM (PE -30.63 with NTA 0.8139)
67. Scicom (PE 16.27 with NTA 0.28)
68. SDred
69. Seal
70. Sign (PE 48.58 with NTA 0.75)
71. Simeprop (PE 38.12 with NTA 1.41)
72. SKPres (PE 14.68 with NTA 0.48)
73. SPSetia (PE 16.13 with NTA 5.6792)
74. SSeteel (PE -3.61 with NTA 1.97)
75. Sunsuria
76. Sunzen (PE -3.55 with NTA 0.20)
77. Superln (PE 12.28 with NTA 0.717)
78. SYF (PE -5.95 with NTA 0.45)
79.TAS (PE 10.83 with NTA 0.9251)
80. TChong (PE 7.85 with NTA 4.38)
81. Tecfast (PE 21.13 with NTA 0.115)
82. TecGuan (PE 4.86 with NTA 1.2683)
83. TekSeng (PE -6.04 with NTA 0.58)
84. THPlant (PE -0.52 with NTA 0.87)
85. TMCLife (PE 35.66 with NTA 0.44)
86. TNLogis (PE -48.05 with NTA 1.52)
87. Tomypak (PE -26.65 with NTA 0.45)
88. TSH (PE 32.02 with NTA 1.0185)
89. TunePro (PE 9.44 with NTA 0.71)
90. UEMS (PE 27.82 with NTA 1.58)
91. ULicorp (PE -536.11 with NTA 1.3136)
92. Waseong (PE 8.76 with NTA 1.30)
93. WCT (PE 14.31 with NTA 2.28)
94. Widad (IJacobs) (PE 24.83 with NTA 0.0686)
95. Willow (PE 14.28 with NTA 0.3107)
96. WTK (PE  -62.48 with NTA 2.26)
97. XOX (PE -108.7 with NTA 0.1121)
98. YongTai (PE -1.74 with NTA 0.93)
99. YTLLand (PE -1.44 with NTA 0.73)
100. YTLPower (PE 12.87 with NTA 1.5566)


FocusM : Top 40 Undervalued Stocks

End Jan 2019, FocusM came out with a list of UNDERVALUED top40 stocks ...based on PB Ratio. Data given was based on JAN 11 stock prices.

Note : for newbies, we DO NOT use PB ratio alone to value stocks, so the whole article could be misleading to many newbies.

Example ... many properties companies have plenty of unsold units ... thus high NTA. Is it misleading to use PB to value property stocks? Understand what a simple common sense to tell us who incorrect such analysis could be ... and well, the HEADLINE is misleading, of coz.

SEAL (PE 3.93 with NTA 1.21)  : was traded at 33cents Jan 11, now at same level 32cents. once 29cents broken, we shall see lower.

ATTA (PE 15.64 with NTA 1.4464) : was at 58ents in Jan 11, today ... at 41cents. IF at 58cents is deemed as undervalued, at 41cents is .... EXTREMELY undervalued? Hmm ...

I can check each and everyone ... but that is not my focus at the moment. I m going to pick only those WATERFALLS ... and here, two of them SEAL and ATTA to be added in my list. 85 now ... 15 to go by tonight.

Amprop :

AnnJoo :


Astino :

Astro :

Eatech :

Genetec :

LeonFB :


Mitra :

Notion :


SDred :

Sunsuria :

will continue later ...