Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sector crashing : Alum and Steel

morning ... I have been warning and talking about market-crashing for past 2-3 years and many telling us (MEDIA, of coz) that market (which they are using KLCI ... misleading leh) not crash and wont be crashing YET.

Let me expose further this 'lie'. Most ignorant wont understand that KLSE is crashing and many sectors crashed (compiled about 15 sectors).

Let me discuss about STEEL ... which many retailers been STUCK up there.

Alcom : at crash-low ... closed at 49cents now. Cheap? Yes ... at 2008-crisis low now.

LBAlum : closed at 47 cents ... still dropping and shall wait to see it around 38cents.

AnnJoo : at 1.20 ... awaiting another discount 50% to 60cents. Peaked RM3.60 divide 4 = 90cents.

CSCSteel : From Rm2 to RM1 now, wait 50cents.

LionInd : At 50cents now ... awaiting 40cents.

Masteel : reaching minus 75% from peak ... buy at 18cents?

SSteel : back to 66cents base soon ... closed at 77cents, cheap?

Today, no one wants to talk about the 'under-valued' steel-counters? No more highlighting PER single digit? Why? That is how stocks prices being pushed up and now ... crashing time, NO ONE will tell you they are stupid and stuck up there, right?

There are many more in this sector which one could easily check and click on the charts? Help yourself ... and tell me, market is not crashing yet.

If you are stuck UP there, that is because you have not been listening to what is actually going-on or you are newbies ... knew nothing much on how markets and noises working.

THINK again ... how are noises in forums(i3 and such) helped you to make decisions in your investing or trading ... especially if you are newbies? You cant escape the HERD mentality with tin-kosong banging loudly.

Note : nothing is cheap there, talking about that since 2-3 years ago.

The steel sector rallied due to THEME play and NOTHING to do with long-flat steel etc etc ... those are noises to TRAP retailers to move up the stocks to SELL to you. If you are caught UP THERE stuck ... who to blame? I heard got one sifu telling steel-companies are cheap due to single-PER ... and since WHEN we value steel-companies using PER? I had that 2 years ago ... in my e-meeting, slapped myself that how naïve retailers believing in guru-sifu kinda sure-win words.

Believe YOURSELF. Learn about sectoral's cycles ... and THEME play. Once it is over, LEARN to exit.

The most difficult part in learning is NOT to believe anyone but YOURSELF.

Have a nice weekend ... don't worry about STUCK up there. 80% in those forums already stuck. You are not the only one. FEEL the herd mentality.

STUCK with them up there. Get stuck for YEARS to come. good luck getting STUCK.


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