Wednesday, December 12, 2018

12-12 Year End Sales

Morning to good news ... Liverpool squeezed through the CL.

As for DOW, it is flat ... KLCI broken the critical support and many more stocks tumbling lower. Crazy sales is going-on ... 12-12-18

Well ...indices can be very mis-leading ... KLCI at 1650 level but many stocks at NEW LOW or at least most at 52-week low. Crazy!!

Jaks : broken another recent support yesterday ... from RM1.20 level in May 2018 ... now is trading at 45cents in Dec 2018.

Note : I read about Mr Koon's selldown Jaks due to margin call. Don't know if he has exited fully or just partially. I would avoid as the selldown could continue. Technical charts could tell us in advance the downtrending in making, we have to make decisions if we are to average it down.

FGV : from RM2 level in Jan to 70cents level in Dec. Severe ... as funds exiting. Many get stuck inside her. This is one huge mis-managed company.

DSonic : The peak shown here was around RM1.50 ... now below 40cents.

Looking at these few hundreds waterfalls, we could understand if retailers (or even TH-fund) losing money big-time for past 1-2 years.

From construction (Jaks) , plantation (FGV) to tech (DSonic) ... most sectors are down.

Certainly we have not CRASHED, right?

As the indices are mis-leading ... if you check most sectors and hundred of stocks, we have crashed. With many stuck up there ...

LayHong : broken 90cents level in June ... now, in Dec, we are at 35cents level.

So ... even the chicken-egg sector crashed ... while recent news of egg-prices up, few stocks up for a day or two. No reasons for rallying, anyway.

Scicom : crazy selling going-on ... sales!! Cheap??

Scicom by MIDF (Aug 2018)

Maintain BUY with unchanged TP of RM2.29, as we make no change to our earnings forecast, which is pegged to FY19 EPS of 12.5 sen at 18.3x PER. We believe that the healthy replenishment of jobs and recovery in its existing business segments should help Scicom achieve better earnings in FY19. The dividend yield of 4.9% is considered attractive while its cashpile of RM52.3m as of end June is expected to support its dividend payout.

This is today's reading : SCICOM ... another waterfalls, going into penny.

IJM : at critical support again ... and we shall see more downside to come.

Note : to be continued click here

From all the sectors that crashed or crashing, WHICH one should we be choosing, going forward 2019?

And what would be your pick in that sector(s)? Why?


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