Friday, November 30, 2018

High volume selldown : FGV and Jaks

FGV : Penny stock at new low's volumes are extreme. time to collect FGV?

 note : losing money and CPO at down trending now.

Jaks : high volume selling ... given enough warning since broken neckline up up there ... time to check to buy.

Nov is a losing month for me (and the group). Cutloss many but if not, losses would be huge now. Traders MUST be discipline to cut-loss.


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Stock Alert : Jaks

JAKS : broken 75cents support. Don't know why such a sharp down at the moment ...hitting 60cents level today, in such bullish market!!

KLCI up 15 points.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

end Nov 18 : new lows

Armada : at 28.5cents, historical low. A giant ... falling. AVOID at all cost.

FGV : closed at new low RM1 yesterday ... would it be a penny soon? With CPO at new low too, most plantation companies would not be doing well. Time to check.

IJMPLant : new low ... back to 2008 crisis level. check that 10year chart. AVOID. Registered bad QR, as expected.

MMCCorp : closed at 99.5cents, a new low too. See if rebound as profits doubled reported in current QR.

will continue later if I could remember.


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Stock Alert : GenM and Genting

GenM : closed at RM3, gapped down for second time this month itself

Genting : less severe but still ....

By now ... the news of 'sue-ing' Fox is out ... and damaged is already done.

Those buy-hold and averaged down in 2018 (stubborn or ignorant) ... all the best in your loooong term investment.

Note : I m interested now.


Monday, November 26, 2018

end-Nov : Waterfalls

AnnJoo : the Everest look-a-like ... coming back to base camp.

KianJoo : down too ... the Joo's brother.

HengYuan : This mountain is steep ... and the descending now ... to base camp.

KESM : falling below RM9 now ... would it be back to RM5? we shall wait ...

Note : no buying into such water-falling


Sunday, November 25, 2018

end-Nov : Top 3 property stocks

IOIpg (Market Cap 9.2b) : (PER 14.09 with NTA 3.32) ... SHARP rebound from the dive ... and I missed. sigh. Closed 1.67 ... nearing resistance. cannot chase.

SPSetia (Market Cap 8.4b) : (PER 9.93 with NTA 3.04) .. gapped down due to bad QR but rebounded back to RM2.13

SimeProp (Market Cap 6.8b) : (PER 10.63 and NTA 1.43) ...still staying around RM1 after the selldown.

It is very clear that all in downtrend. Property stocks is crashing ... some crashed to historical new low. Look around in Klang Valley and Penang ... or JB. Plenty of empty condos (high ends) and offices.

Good luck for those holding ... you do need to buy more when market crashing and hold for loooong period of time. The above top 3 should be lower risk but don't expect dividends.


Saturday, November 24, 2018

NOV 2018 : some 50cents stocks

DOW : see if support broken in 2 - 3 weeks time and we would see SELLDOWN in US ... and of coz, KLSE la.

Wait ... KLCI not crashed yet, right?

But ... can I ask ... why SO MANY retailers now stuck in so so many stocks ar? Why? Long term investors ... denial and lying to others in forums that you are doing 'value investing'?

Unless you stop being in denial (and hoping whatever stocks you are holding will recover ... yeah, right ... ) ... you would be trashed inside more for loooong period of time (5 - 10 yrs if you are buying into good stocks.

How? By admitting WRONG ...mistakes ... either QUIT or re-learn.

Nov 2018 : some 50-cents stocks




Note : I do know IWCity around 50cents but it is not (and never) in my stalk list




well ... they fluctuate around 40-60cents ... buy 40cents, sell 50cents? or buy 50cents sell 60cents. Or ... stuck inside for 5yrs or more. Choice is yours.


Friday, November 23, 2018

Recent GAP DOWNs

Dufu : down today ...reversal candlesticks there ... telling us to sell or not to buy. Those bought yesterday must be newbies or greedy. I will wait again...

note to self : UPDATE the charts during weekend

KESM : gapped down ...bad QR, low RM9. Lucky me to catch at RM9. SOLD. Caught at RM9 again and have to cut-loss. It closed RM8.88 ...nice number. Wait Rm5 now.

POS : gapped down yesterday too ... bad QR.

Nice .... black candles.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

lunch-date with experienced trader

it is my privileged to meet a 'sifu' ... an experienced trader in KLSE and a chartist too.

well ... while I m preparing for market crisis is more reason for me to meet those already in markets long enough to see crash-boom-crash .. he has been in KLSE for 20plus years, seen 1998 crash.

conclusion : he has similar opinions as mine ... market is to crash. period.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Nov 21st selldown

Airport : after hit the peak ...downtrending now.

1.20 pm : After lunch ... now sitting on cash as I sold off GenM and Axiata for small losses. Sit and do nothing.

FKLI : closed my short, good trade. will short back.

FCPO : gapped down further ..time to go long!!

Revenue : hit low 1.42, then breakout 1.50 high ... crazy.

HengYuan : just like bitcoin crashing now ... no one talk about bitcoin. NO A SINGLE SIFU/GURU coming out to comment on BTC .... so, HengYuan crashing lower ... if you think they cared, u r misled.

to be continued


Selldown : DOW minus 550

The DOW minus 400 and minus 550 ... so, we have minus 950points as KLSE closed and escaped yesterday's selldown ...but today (later ... in opening), we would see selldown in our KLSE.

FKLI : I m holding to my shorts ... and should add one today.

Stocks : I m only holding to two blue-chips and would sell-off in opening too

Sold : I sold Hibiscus, Myeg, Revenue, QES, Astro, DNounce, YTL  .... these all with profit as I done short term trades last week ... and out of Revenue on Monday (sold 1.45). So ... sold all trading stocks, to raise cash position again.

Tech : one sector that has been doing well ... very well in 2017 when I was trading them up and left the sector ... only selected ones now in play (Penta, Mi, Dufu, Elsoft ...etc). Many in downtrending now. As Nasdaq tech-counters selldown at the moment, it is advisable to avoid the sector in coming 2-3 months.

CPO : at low ... so, avoid plantation stocks too.

Brace yourself for selldown ... and yes, remember NOT to average down if you are stuck ( I do know majority of retailers STUCK up there, so I will post more and more waterfalls)

to join my trading group, contact me 012-821 0129 or e-mail


Monday, November 19, 2018

Stock Alert : Jaks

JAKS : gapped down last Friday ...don't really know why as I didn't read/check. Is it with STAR news again? or Mr Koon sold some of his portion ... I do know he is holding hugely in Jaks due to their prospects in Vietnam ... but didn't read the details as the chart tell me : AVOID.

But for investors, they do like to see fundamentals of the companies or the growth in earnings (some could be in very distant future) .. so, depressing price is a BUY. The lower it goes, it is becoming cheaper ... and during selldown, it is a strong buy. That is looong term investors la.

Trade at own risk. Once Jaks breaks 80cents below, we shall see further downtrend.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Some HKSE's giants

HSI : technically ...bear-market.

Geely : (PER around 10) was a ten-bagger ... now, retracing and bearish as HSI in bear-market too.

site :

Li & Fung : A fallen giant ... rebounded slightly from recent historical new low.

site :

TenCent : this is another giant of the largest company (by market cap) in the world!! Dropped from peak HKD470 to current HKD270. good to buy?

site :

AAC-tech : Is it as buy? From HKD180 to RM50 level at the moment ... cheap?

site :

Note : Is tech-rally over?

just checking on some HKSE's stocks.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Plantations : mid-Nov

FGV ... tracking the fallen giant.

Few of popular plantation stocks which with negative PER are : JTiasa (-18.53),  Kretam(-373.72), PinePac(-2.47), RSawit (-1.74), TDM (-69.66) ... and so on.

note : AVOID all the above.

GLBhd : PER -5.66 with NTA 2.13 . Closed at 38cents

done a short e-meeting last night regarding CPO crashing down at the moment and why we should avoid plantation stocks.

Trade at own risk.


Friday, November 16, 2018

e-meeting : Plantation

Friday, November 16, 2018 10:30 PM

You have been invited to a meeting

Join the meeting:

 Topic : Sector - Plantation
Will talk a little about PLANTATION as CPO dived sharply today to low ...

Thursday, November 15, 2018

KLCI : Dec 2013 components

Morning ... a check on the list of Dec 2013 (5 years ago) and few of those stocks which taken out of the index.

Top 30 : Dec 2013


AMBank : at RM3.96 ... PER 10.37 with NTA 5.60. PEAKed around RM8 in Aug-2013.

to be continued later ....


post #4451 : fallen giants

1am : KLCI last minute rebounded to close slightly green, but now DOW minus 100 ... still early.

FKLI : I have been active shorting FKLI as every rebound is a SELL. Done well for 3 days and would pause tmr ...

FCPO : at new low ... hope it gap down again tmr.

KLCI poised for a rebound from here ... but sustainable or not, I m not interested to know.

OIL : dived sharply of 7% ... long time no see such a dive.

Astro : huge selling volume. new low today hit 1.05. crazy. biz is bad as many no longer interested to watch ASTRO.

Armada : closed at 33.5cents low too.

Parkson : at 34cents now ... another index-linked falling giants.

will continue to write about these fallen giants. RIP.



Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Stocks : OKA and Superln

2.45 pm : Since I m free ...just home from lepaking at Pyramid, let me check some of Fong Siling's portfolios. He is one of the well-known best investors around, and wrote many investing books.

OKA : at RM1 support. Wait at 45cents level.

2018 at #7 with 1.6mil shares.
2017 at #6 with 1.7 mil shares.
2016 at #4 with 2.2 mil shares.
2015 at #6 with 1.6 mil shares.
2014 at #6 with 1.7 mil shares.
2013 : not in the top30 list. Min shares needed 192k.

IQGroup :

Superln :

2018 AR: OKA (#7) , IQGroup (#8), Superlon (#9), RCECap (#11), Salute (#15), ToyoInk (#17), JTiasa (#18), GSB (#21), AWC (#30)

2017 AR : SKH (#2), Hovid (#3), RGB (#5), Notion (#7), Hevea (#9), 3A( #12), MBSB (#12), Homeriz (#12), Johotin (#13), Orna (#15), PoHuat (#18), Wangzng (#18), Solution (#18), Mikromb (#18), Karyon (#22), TGuan (#24), Latitude (#24)

to be continued here :


post #4449 : DOW closed minus 602

10.05 am : morning ... closed my short fkli positions. So ... now, awaiting FCPO 10.30am

GS : broken support last night.

DOW closed minus 600 last night. wow. GS dived 7% ... blame it on LGE. haha.

Free today ... no classes, nothing much to do. Will laze around, reading some books as I m packing.

time to move away ... keep fully in cash.


post #4448 : DOW minus 400

12.50 am : DOW minus 415 as I m writing here ...

Astro (PER 11.84 with NTA 0.1113)  : closed at RM1.18, at new low ... ever since taken off the KLCI, Astro has been on downtrend ... sharp rebound ... and going lower.

What would happen to TM (Telekom) if she is taken out of KLCI too? Think.

TM (PER 11.91 with NTA 2.0405) ... wait for below RM2?

Looking into Fong Siling's holding (besides 10mil of JTiasa), I do wonder if that are small portion of this funds, and he is holding to 80-90% in cash?

Fong Siling's portfolios

2018 AR: OKA (#7) , IQGroup (#8), Superlon (#9), RCECap (#11), Salute (#15), ToyoInk (#17), JTiasa (#18), GSB (#21), AWC (#30)

2017 AR : SKH (#2), Hovid (#3), RGB (#5), Notion (#7), Hevea (#9), 3A( #12), MBSB (#12), Homeriz (#12), Johotin (#13), Orna (#15), PoHuat (#18), Wangzng (#18), Solution (#18), Mikromb (#18), Karyon (#22), TGuan (#24), Latitude (#24)

2016 AR : ---to be continued ---

Time to sleep and check on those counters. night.


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Stocks : JTiasa, RSawit and Subur

As JTiasa going back to 2008 crisis level of 50cents ... it is still not a buy due to negative-PER.

JTiasa : trading at 53.5 cents, PER -19.44 with NTA 1.84

RSawit : trading at 17cents, PER -1.80 with NTA 0.38. During 2008 crash-crisis, RSawit bottomed-out at around 20cents!! Now we are trading BELOW the crisis level, ya.

Subur : trading at 70cents, PER -7.47 with NTA 3.22. So ... the chart showing us that Subur wend down from RM5 to RM1.50 level during 2008 crisis time, rebounded to RM4 spike for a month ... and downtrending since then!! Now we are more than 50% below the 2008 crisis level.

Do you or anyone STUCK inside any of these stocks?

Note : Rule #1 in 2018 ... do not buy losing money stocks. If you do not know how to cut-loss in 2018 ... QUIT. Get out.