Wednesday, October 31, 2018

e-meeting : Sell on rebound

Morning to DOW plus 400. That is how volatile market is now ... KLCI flattish ... foreign funds are still net sellers.

8.50 am : FKLI up 13 points.

We are heading end-oct buying ... as many retailers stuck up there in many popular hot-stocks such as Frontkn, Hibiscus, Layhong ... and many tech-hot-stocks.

9.30 pm : e-meeting ... sell on rebound

Sell on rebound

Wed, Oct 31, 2018 10:15 PM - 11:15 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.



Tuesday, October 30, 2018

DOW swing 900 points

Morning ... ManC is too strong ... they beat Spur 1 - 0  to go top again.

DOW was plus 300 points ... but closed minus 200plus points. Brace for further selldown, if you INSISTED holding to stocks, stuck and averaging down, the choice is obviously yours.

LayHong : dived further to 34cents. It will go back to back 30cents ... interesting but those stuck and averaging down, you cant talk logic with them.

new lows ... what is new to those holding to many new low stocks, drifting lower and some without much liquidity.

Redtone : at new low ... a must to avoid. Saw Gpacket diving 10% today ...

Sapnrg : also hitting new low at 31cents. AVOID.

To check on new lows ... we could check properties, O&G ... and plantation. Many stocks at new low.

I have shown Century Logistic at new low ... checking on TNlogistic ... and GDex too.

time to settle stuffs ... off


Monday, October 29, 2018

Sector : Plantation

BPlant :


IJMPlant :

JTiasa :

TaAnn :


THPlant :



to be continued


Letter C : CMSB, ChinHin, CScenic, Caely, Censof, Cuscapi, Cepat, Cypark

ChinHin : New low ... closed at 71.5 cents , broken the support too. Avoid construction and building materials.

CMSB : recently after GE14, dived ...but rebounded well from the bottom, only to see further selldown at the moment. will check if RM2 to break.

CScenic : used to be said as a dividend stock, but strong downtrend too.

Cuscapi : tech-speculated stock ... game is over here. Gamble if you wish ... for those with brain, AVOID.

Censof : Also as new low ... since tech-speculative theme is over ... avoid.

Caely : still uptrending but risky to trade.

Cepat : At 60cents level ... avoid plantation, small cap as they are losing money.

Cypark : still uptrending but not liquid, consolidating.

well ... there are more stocks with letter C ... which one would I put in my buy-list during crisis?

Note : Will add few more and only select those with good fundamentals to watch in the list during crisis. NO CRISIS yet ...


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Letter C : CIMB, CBIP, CJCen, CAB, CSC, CMMT, Coastal, Cresndo, Cresbld

Pay yourself first : at least 10% of our income

Morning ... DOW minus 300 points ... staying in cash is the best position. The worst? Holding on to losing money companies' stocks and averaging down, of coz.

Q&A : I had an hour of e-meeting taking in few questions ... and added some sugar+salt of my opinions. haha Will have that once a month, perhaps.

CIMB : one of the largest bank and company listed in KLSE. Worth to invest during sales.

site :

CBIP : at new low 1.05 ... and more downside to come.

site :

note : CPO at low too.

CJCen (previously known as Century) : logistic-stocks downtrending too ...Century Logistic trading at new low at 47cents. Can check GDex.

site :

CSCSteel : downtrending at RM1.04 ... and it is still not cheap. Avoid steel and building materials sector.

site :

CAB : chicken-egg stories ... sharply selldown at the moment as trend is over. Check LayHong, the more popular with those stuck up there. Check CCK too.

site :

CMMT : downtrending too ...not a good representation of REITs, tho ... check PavReit or Sunriet, the leaders in REITS.

site :

Coastal : just an example of those badly battered stock-price of O&G ... yes, the "C"

site :

Cresndo : Property is not doing well. AVOID

site :

Cresbld : broken support last week ... lowering to go. AVOID construction.

Ok ... may update later and more ... got to go.

My trading group : to join me, contact me at 012-821 0129 or


Friday, October 26, 2018

e-meeting : Q&A session

answering questions : Q & A

Fri, Oct 26, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

will only answer logical questions relating to trading-investing to my 'best' abilities.


End Oct : Keep cash

2pm : KLCI 1682 (minus 4) and FKLI minus 15 points (as it was about 10points ahead of KLCI during closing yesterday)

It is a disappointing day, yet again ... as tho DOW up some 400points, KLCI surged in opening was short-lived and now in red.

HSI broken 25, 000 ... at 24, 800 level now.

With SimeProp becoming a penny now ... I just saw Mahsing below RM1 too (note : ex-div 6.5cents recently)

MahSing : will it break 92cents to go lower ...

note : No buying ... keeping cash till after budget.

Have a nice weekend.


Stock Alert : Seacera

Seacera : most actively traded as they dumped her.

Bye-bye Seacera ...


Thursday, October 25, 2018

DOW minus 600

morning ... if you STILL insist not to CUTLOSS but averaging down, you have yourself to blame. Perhaps quit before crash is here ... a good option to many out there.

BIMB (weekly) : expect further selldown but nice ...

KESM (weekly) : see the waterfalling ... catching a knife yet? I do like.

DRB : watching it as waiting for RM1.65 to be broken.

landslide ... still holding or averaging down? who are you listening to ... asking you to do such decision? Don't blame others ... you pulled the trigger. you decided.

brace ourselves for another SELLDOWN day.

Is it a crash? haha ... NO leh ... correction.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

DOW is diving

11.45pm : DOW minus 440 at the moment.

Are you STUCK or in cash position?

If you are in cash position like me, be excited and buy from those panic-sellers. Buy when KLCI at 1660 level.

happy fishing tmr.



e-meeting on selldown : OCT 23

Oct23 : selldown

Tue, Oct 23, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

averaging down = lose more.

catching a knife = cut loss.

keep cash = the best option.


Oct 23 : Bearish week

AnnJoo : broken RM1.60 support, going lower. A clear downtrend.

Boilerm : at 62cents level ... going lower. A clear downtrend, drifting lower.

CBIP : closed at RM1.09 ... going lower, waiting for it to go below RM1

Dsonic : selldown to new low, closed 45.5 yesterday ... red day, expect lower today.

2pm : KLCI closed for lunch with minus 17points, HSI minus 700points as I m writing and DOW-futures minus 200 plus. Brace yourself if you are buying.

Note : I m still 100% in cash.

more to come.


Monday, October 22, 2018

weekly e-meeting

weekly e-meeting : 22Oct2018

Mon, Oct 22, 2018 9:30 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

As I do have weekly e-meeting with members on Mondays, I m opening it to 'public' as I m 100% in cash-positions.

All welcomed.


Selldown : Telcos

2.50pm (after lunch)

Axiata : at 3.55 now , breaking support at the moment.

Digi :

Maxis :

TM :

to be continued : go to


FAANG alert

Facebook : critical support at USD150, broken all the MAs.

Amazon : a better one among those FAANG. Support 1650, once this 200MA support broken, we see the downtrend of the Amazing Amazon.

Apple : the best performing among the group. Still strong uptrend.

Netflix : below 20w-MA. Still hanging there ...

Google : Below 50w-MA and downtrending now if not supported.

note : will update them again  by end-Dec.