Sunday, September 02, 2018

Waterfalls : Penny-stocks (V)

3A : closed at 88cents ... broken 90cents support. Next support at 70cents. Buy there?

Econbhd : closed at 83cents ... hit 56cents recently and sharply rebounded to above 90cents.

Ekovest : closed at 69.5 cents ... I do like this one, of many of those construction-stocks. Check when around 40cents.

MRCB : closed at 70cents ... check at 55cents.

Puncak : closed at 52.5 cents ... waiting for new low to break 45cents. This is a no-no to hold, losing money and such bad records.

Tekseng : closed at 25.5cents ... new low. Hammer formed but I wont take. Long time didn't check the Sengs (TeoSeng and TekSeng moved together ... some how).

Teoseng : closed at 82.5cents ... hit the high of RM2.10.

WCT : closed at 90cents ... hit 69cents and rebounded ... I took at 80cents level, but sold off too early. resistance was 94cents level back then. It went to hit 1.10 before retracing. I read that Desmond bought hugely at very high level.

alright ... added another 8 penny-stocks in list. total = 50.



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