Saturday, September 01, 2018

Waterfalls of penny-world (part II)

Note : still NOT believing in CUT LOSS? Want to buy-hold as you are investors? Averaging down?

Market not crashing yet, ya. What do you think if market is crashing ... all the stocks will go higher or lower? THINK (use brain, ya).

Digistar : closed at 7.5cents ... new low. Game over ... awaiting for goring-up for last distribution to those retailers and stuck till ... zero level.

Dnex : closed at 38cents. Still watching it to break 30cents, went to 30.5cents recently.

DSonic : closed 78cents. Going lower ... used to be a popular-stock, u know.

Efficen : closed at 23cents ... waiting for 18cents to break.

IFCA : closed 27cents. This darling back in 2015 ... was a craze of euphoria. If u r in market(KLSE) before 2015, you would have heard of this IFCA or even participated in the party ... only to be crushed.

Karex : closed at 68.5cents ... recently hit low 50cents level and rallied to high above 90cents ... and now, being down-graded, it is coming back to 50cents. So, I will only be watching it to break 50cents. note that the peak was around RM3.

KNM : closed at 18cents ... for those newbies, this is one darling-stock that most retailers talking about for years ... but now, no longer interested as they STUCK hugely up there. No cutloss? seriously ... averaging down?

Mudajaya : closed at 49cents ... from peak around RM4.50 ... so, I shall wait to update after it breaks 45cents.

Sasbadi : closed at 31cents ... new low and see if break 30cents.

Scable : closed 41.5 cents. We shall watch if it breaks 40cents.

Sign : closed at 50cents, gapped down last Thu. so, we shall see if 48cents support broken.

TunePro : closed at 80.5cents ... waiting for the recent low 68cents to break.

ok ... to be continued


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