Monday, September 03, 2018

Sept 3 : day-1 for Sept

10.35am : Done two trades in the morning in LayHong and LionInd but missed Revenue and Myeg. Managed to grab some TM and wait for closing to add.

Supermax : done third trade. sold 3.50 ... check closing later.

KLCI at 1813, losing some 5 points. Check support 1811 to hold or break. once 1811 break, short FKLI and get out of market a while ... I m heavier in cash at the moment and no intention to buy.

LionInd : at 88cents now , minus 7%. Didn't read much why diving so much. If you like it fundamentally, time to buy or add?

AnnJoo : at RM1.88 now ... down too. At support now, I m not taking this one. I prefer LionInd as more retailers like punting into her and news on KYY bought into her over-blown.

Masteel : at 61cents now ... down 5% too.

Guess steel no longer in favour?

Note : AVOID steel counters/sector ... and I have said that in last month or so e-meeting.

Penny-world : Watching to welcome Jaks, Coastal and Presbhd back to penny ... at critical now.

NAIM : at 58cents ... diving minus 15% ... why ar? going to tutup shop ar? or no more support from BN-Taib?

HengYuan : minus 8% now as PH-gov favoured PetronM?

HengYuan : at 12noon now, rebounds to RM6.92, hit low 6.67 ... I did not take.

note : will update here later (wont be shown/refreshed in i3 or other links).

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4.30pm : KLCI minus 4points

some top losers of the day 3rd Sept

Lafarge : at RM3.04

MNRB : at RM1.53

POS : at RM3.40

SOP : at RM2.77

SSteel : RM1.52

Tomypak : 58cents


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