Sunday, September 02, 2018

2nd Sept : Penny-world (IV)

Question : KLSE crashing? If not, why so many retailers stuck UP there?

I will slowly show all those FEW counters that you might stuck inside, ya. I shall start with some current penny-stocks which dived from RM1 and above previously.

1. Alcom

2. Ancom

3. Armada

4. Benalec

5. Digistar

6. DNex

7. DSonic

8. ECS

9. Efficen

10. EG

11. Evergreen

12. Gadang

13. Hevea

14. Hohup

15. ICON

16. IFCA

17. IwCity

18. JCY

19. Jetson

20. Karex

21. KNM

22. KSL

23. LayHong

24. Masteel

25. Mitra

26. Mudajaya

27. Naim

28. Prestar

29. Prlexus

30. Prtasco

31. RSawit

32. Salute

33. Sapnrg

34. Sasbadi

35. Scable

36. Seacera

37. Seal

38. Sendai

39. Sign

40. TitiJaya

41. TunePro

42. YTLLand

The above is the list I have done yesterday (1st Sept). Let me continue to few more (I could list 100 easily ... those stocks RETAILERS stuck up there ... and wondering what to do? You may check the above list.) ...

Ancom : closed at 65.5cents ... rebounded from recent low 45.5cents level. Interesting rebound. Now, we shall watch it going back to 45.5cents and break that, then only I will update again.

Benalac : closed at 27.5 cents ... no more land-refill? I do remember the peak was RM1.40 plus ... now, we shall see if it breaks 25cents.

Hevea : closed at 83cents ... recently they SPECULATED that USD up, hence furniture-related counters will rally ... so Hevea and gang had short party.

HoHup : closed at 43.5cents ... see if break 38cents.

ICON : closed at 14.5cents ... since IPO ...keep dropping till now. Will it be delisted during crisis time?

Jetson : closed at 19.5cents ... can see from chart how they goreng it up?

LayHong : closed 53.5 cents  ... peaked around RM1.08.

Mitra : closed at 45.5cents ... see if 40cents to break.

Naim : closed at 69cents ... checking below 60cents now.

Prestar : closed 77.5cents ... just broken the support. This one long way to go to 30-40cents. No need to check often.

Prlexus : closed at 72cents ... shall check if below 50cents ...

Prtasco : closed at 46cents ... new low. breaking lower or rebound from here?

Salute : closed at 55cents ... I think now is below IPO and waiting to trade lower ... still holding?

time for dinner ... to be continued. so far only 42 counters posted ... I will try 100counters, ya


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