Saturday, September 01, 2018

1st Sept : Penny watch

As at AUG 2018

Masteel : Closed at 64cents . Peaked RM1.38 divide 4 = 34.5 cents. That would be the level to consider? At the moment, we shall check if 50cents will break ...

Sapnrg : at low 34cents now. I m still watching this ex-giant ... from Sapura-Kenchana ... to current. A no-no for me to buy. U may day trade if u r THAT good.

Armada : closed at 55.5cents. diving to 50cents level again ... will that breaks? Watching ...

TitiJaya : closed at 34.5cents. NEW LOW since IPO. Property-stock ... avoid but I m putting in my penny list watch.

Sendai : closed 75cents. Peaked RM1.38 too ... check Masteel above. So, we shall wait for 40cents? Well, I do know KYY bought Sendai before but I do not read if he has sold his positions.

RSawit : closed at 26.5cents. NEW LOW and going lower ... for those newbies in KLSE, this one used to be hot-goring stock ... together with JTiasa and Cepat.

JCY : closed at 26cents, new low. Used to be a darling ... cant remember the IPO (above RM3?) ... we shall see how low it could go.

Ok ... want to rest ... nap.


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