Sunday, September 02, 2018

1st Sept : Penny-stocks (III)

Alcom : closed at 72.5cents ... see the craziness many retailers chased up and trapped up there? Waiting it to break 70cents to dive to 45cents level. Till then, nothing to watch.

ECS : closed at 99.5cents ...welcoming back to penny-world.  Will check again to see if it will rebound above RM1

EG : closed at 55cents ... peaked in Jan 2016 at RM1, popular back in 2015.

Evergreen : closed 55cents ... one of those popular stocks during the furniture-rally, hit RM1.60 peak ...awaiting it to break below 40cents (1.60 divide 4)

Gadang : cloased at 70cents ... peaked around RM1.30 level. So ... we shall watch 65cents again.

IWCity : Closed at 62.5cents ... well, this goring kau-kau stock, everyone talking about in Feb-Mac 2017 have a fast pump-dump ... with so many retailers STUCK up there. You cant help gamblers ... as they will continue to gamble.

KSL : closed at 85cents .. peaked RM2.20 , so we wait for 50cents level.

Seacera : closed at 42cents ... I remembered someone told me he was stuck up there RM1 plus some time ago ... today we are seeing RM1.60 peak divide 4 = 40cents level.

Seal : closed at 38.5cents ... we shall see if it breaks below 37cents.

YTLLand : closed 44.5 low ... now, downtrending stocks generally would go lower ... especially in bearish sector.

Time to sleep. Night.


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