Friday, September 14, 2018

14th Sept : Markets rebound

Note : Tmr going up Genting for their concert. So .. Genting stock rebound today?

1.40pm : As KLCI up yesterday ... I started to take positions again, sitting sideway ... waiting for rebound

KLCI closed up 11 points, at 1803 for lunch

Jaks : Started to take Jaks at 81 cents ... sold 84cents but it closed at 86cents yesterday. Today, took at 88 and just sold off 91.5cents, hitting 92.5cents at the moment. No intention to buy-hold in sharp rebound ... resistance at 94 to SELL.

This is the only stocks done (bought and sold) ... others in q to SELL. I still have 5-6 open-trades in position ...  as I started to buy yesterday and this morning. Will clear off most by 5pm ... as Monday is off day. Update that tonight.

HSI : up almost 600points yesterday, at the moment up another 300 points. HSI hit new 52-w low just two days ago, rebound with the news US-China might want to talk ...? Talk?? Really ??

MI : breakout new high zzz ... I sold her off last week. At 2.90 level now.

Many have pullback nicely last week and Wednesday one-day selldown created many long black candle to buy. We do not buy on Wednesday ...we are supposed to be in CASH position before long weekend ... and only buying into stocks yesterday.

ok ... time for classes and rest. Dinner with some friends tonight.

5.30 pm : KLCI closed at 1803 level. Bullish

Take profit : selling day and get off for long weekend. Still holding 3 stocks.


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