Wednesday, September 12, 2018

12th Sept : KLSE bearish

penny-list to add :  Anzo,  Eforce, Geshen, GLbhd, Glomac, Gpacket, GOB, Kretam, Krono, LBAlum, LeonFb, Lionfb, LionInd, LTKM,   Luxchem, Pelikan, Presbhd, Star,  Tambun, TDM, THPlant,

penny-in-making : BPPlas, Comfort, LeeSK, YTLPower

11.15 am : KLCI up a lot in opening ... I also pening and closed my short in opening. Really pening ... FKLI hit 1807 ...craziness ...and then dived!!

FKLI  at 1773 now. Haha ... I closed my short FKLI (1789 overnight) and don't know how to short back. Hmm...amateur's dilemma

KLCI at 1787 now, minus 11 points ...nothing much YET but many more hot stocks such as LionInd and steel diving ... I have mentioned so many times about steel-sector. Lazy to repeat and argue with ridiculous brains.

Not only the steel-sector that we should not touch(buy-hold kinda brain), O&G also a sector not to bother. Someone asked me about Barakah ... is it ok to buy, I was like ... "WT ...shit-brain is that?" ... talking to myself, of coz. Then, only I realize those newbies and those noisy forums-kaki which do not speak using brains.

Newbies ...listen up.

You cannot win by punting blindly or follow blindly forums-blogs ... you cant learn anything much from there. Of those messages, you have to filter out those noises .... 70-80% of those comments are of no use. So ... forums will be too noisy for NEWBIES to learn anything. Ever wonder why EVERYONE talking about their profits or somehow ... so many great-traders, but you are shamefully quiet as you are not?

No worry ... forum is a place to LIE and HIDE your pain ... you can boast and tell stories. Heck, no one cares about anybody .... as everyone is winning, see?

The truth hurts ... reality is painful to face. BUT it is needed ... and only STRONG persons could survive stock-markets up-down.

Those ...

2.40pm : Lunch time ... having Indon nasi goreng ... it is not due to drop in Rupiah. haha. It is still in RM ... and RM15 is not a cheap nasi-goreng. But fav nasi-goreng, ok la ...once a while.

Just done 2 classes in morning ... and going to nap later, since KLSE so boring

AirAsia excites me a little ...hitting rm3 now. Buy?? I queued at RM2.95 ... zzz ... too low.

to be continued.


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