Saturday, August 11, 2018

Waterfalls : Aug 2018

CMSB : Will you dare to buy during crash? Buy into huge positions? And HOLD till recover? really?

Buying during crash is easier said than done ... buying HUGELY is also just a cheap-talk by majority ... and to hold till recover takes courage and patience.

It has been looong ten years ... I have been waiting, while going thru the stages : 2008 crashing ... 2009 sharp V-shaped recovery ... 2010 bull-rally till 2014 ... and sideway till now in KLCI.

Tonnes of memories ... experiences ... after thousands of trades.

Long time no see ... dear, market-crash. I have missed you and waiting for 10years. There you are ... we are in 2018 today ... with few more months into 2019.

Preparation for market crash is one of the most difficult long journey. A test of patience.

The #4 pointer ... that take YEARS. Even the cut-loss and move on in #1 pointer take years to learn. Otherwise, as we knows ... many stuck UP there in so many stocks ... I can list few hundreds here, actually.

ChinHin : Anyone stuck up there? Of coz. Many.

If you stuck up there into stocks, lets meet ... lets talk about it and what we should be doing? Or are you going to KEEP QUIET and let it be ... HOPING those stocks you are holding to recover? Really?

Evergreen and the furniture-gang : Do you still holding Hevea and such UP THERE STUCK? Or do you know anyone still holding Mieco ... FLBHD? Sound familiar?

IFCA ... oh, the ever popular IFCA being abandoned. Everyday ... and everyone in forums was talking about her. When the stories ended ... the trend ended ... GET OUT. But, unfortunately, it trapped so many ignorant-retailers.

Don't worry ... Frontkn and gang which being pushed up now, the trend will be over ... then, will be quiet and left to slow-death. That is how stock-market is ... cruel and crude.

Forgotten about the logistic sector ... this is CJCen (previously Century). Check GDex and gang ... see how are those charts ... as I know MANY stuck up there, right? No? All so pandai to trade ... no stuck or lying to yourself?

Sapnrg : still actively traded ... media still promoting her and mentioned O&G rally coming due to crude-oil price above USD60. Do you know Sapnrg was known as Sapura-Kencana (SKPetrol) and was an index-linked counter? You do remember, right?

When crude oil price dived ... where were you? Are you still holding any O&G counters (I only like Dialog and Yinson) ... say, KNM? Or Scomi? Sorry ... you have to learn pointer #1 : PRESERVE your capital ...

If you have stuck up there, lost (paperloss??) so much ... how are you going to capitalize on the coming crisis? Yet ... YOU STILL KEEPING QUIET.

If you do not know what to do with those stocks in the sectors I mentioned above ... and STUCK up there big time, NO ONE could help you. You have to live with you ignorance, stubbornness and ego.

Yes ... long time no see.

You can reach me at :

I will look into stocks you stuck up there ... but I could never make decisions for you. You have to decide  ... and treat me a cuppa, ya. I m preparing for crash ... are you?

Oh boy, I forgotten 'property sector'. ok.

Titijaya : Kinda newly listed ... for 'them' to cash-out ... and the properties-slump ... and down. Till now, we no see light at end of tunnel ... this would be a very long tunnel ... indeed.

Hmm ... did I miss any sector that crashing ... or crashed? I am sure you are stuck in some of those stocks in those sectors.

Stay safe ... in 2018 ... as the RISK increases.

Good luck ... for those buy-hold. You do need huge luck for stocks to recover.


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