Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Geely and Tenaga at 16 level

Geely : At HKD16. A cool 10-bagger from HKD2.70 to HKD27.00 ... since it listed in the HS-index as a component. Well ... they bought into Proton ... now, u see why they downtrending la. haha. Buy Geely below HKD2 again? ok ok ... buy current HKD16, next is HKD12 ... next HKD8 and so on ... dollar-averaging.

That is also applied to TENAGA : Buy RM16, RM12, RM8 and RM4 ... park till done. Dollar averaging ... use RM10k for RM16 level ... RM20k for RM12 level ... RM30k for RM8 level ... and sailing last portion RM40k at RM4 level. Close your pc ... open it after crash and so on ... you should done well.

Here is TENAGA's chart ... u do not need chart, u need planning and execution.

So ... you sure you are investor, right? Buy Tenaga and average it down if it goes lower. Good luck.


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