Friday, August 31, 2018

e-meeting : Market Timing

Market Timing

Fri, Aug 31, 2018 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Thursday, August 30, 2018

e-meeting : A day of a trader

a day of a trader

Thu, Aug 30, 2018 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Sharing my typical normal routine ... for my trades and checking.


Diving list Aug 30th

2.10pm : I m done with a tuition class (10.30am to 12.30pm) while watching KLSE swinging ...

TM : due to bad QR, TM dived to close 3.34 for lunch ... down some 6.4%, well ... see if I could catch this knife ... watch. A good trader should be able to be patient to buy and sell on technical rebound.

Supermax : Recently done a stunt of 150% up ... hitting high around RM4.60. Don't know why yesterday break the backbone. So ... someone asked me in the group, what is the entry point? Well ... as he is a good trader, I m not so 'worry' that he doesn't know cut-loss if diving lower. The answer is ... nope. Today is second long black candle, yesterday patah-tulang-belakang ... today how to wake up? And today is a second day ... stil lantang on the bed. Sakit ... no touch.

Supermax : Closed 3.36 today, minus 14% ... how is that? Ok, will consider at RM3 level

YTL : due to bad QR ... dived today too. I have asked all in my group to sell around 1.35-1.40. So, time to consider again ... watching.

Aeon : diving 8-10% at the moment ...

AEON : closed 1.92 ... hit low 1.86. This one I won touch.

will update more after market close 5pm. At the moment, I saw Hibiscus selldown, trapping those chasing ... Presbhd crazy up-down minus 14% now ... IQgroup continues to dive after distributed up to hit RM2 ... etc etc


Trading UPTRENDING stocks

8 am ... just back from breakfast and sent my girl to school. I will have tuition-classes later in noon.

Moving to Penang is more or less ... confirmed.

Nice Kek-Lok-Si. Would love to sit there and read books.

Note : I m looking for tuition-classes in Penang ... next year Jan onwards. So, anyone know any  students taking SPM/STPM or O-level/A-level Maths ... looking for good Math tutor, contact me, ya. 012-821 0129 number.

Elsoft : one of the strong uptrending stock now, hot too ... as they announced bonus-split news ... so, time to goreng it up.

There are few UPTRENDING stocks in KLSE ... there are hundreds (or thousands?) uptrending stocks in US-market. If we are insisting to stay in KLSE, then go for uptrending stocks. It is NOT cheap (valuation wise) but it is still worth riding on the trend.

I have this book ... and still reading some parts. It is a reminder to myself to learn to trade UPTREND stocks ... and focus on them.

While I like waterfalls and those dived sharply for technical-rebound (we need to learn these too during crashes) ... so, I m mastering catching knives (and got myself cut many times) and learning to trade breakouts and uptrending.

Both skills are needed ... while we need to learn to check fundamentals of stocks.

Good companies ... their earnings improve over the years, hence would be attracting more REAL investors and the stock prices eventually will move up. For traders, we check on WHY the stocks moving higher ... and trade based on the charts.

So ... there is no right or wrong ... if you like the sharp down LayHong (rebounded well yesterday), you are going for technical rebound. If you prefer uptrending Elsoft, then ... we buy-hold-add on Elsoft, provided the trend holds.

Time to check markets.


GLCs : Should we avoid them?

morning ... I slept off early last night. Tired. And didn't watch S&P up above 2900 ...

S&P500 closed at NEW HIGH 2,914.04 ( +16.52)

DOW30 closed at 26,124.57 ( +60.55 ) ... we have another 500plus points to go ... and

Nasdaq at NEW HIGH  8109.69  (+79.65)    

Yesterday there is some selldown in certain stocks ... as profit-taking seeping in and also some due to bad QR. The most actively spoken about was ARMADA.

Armada : Going back to 50cents level due to losses (QR) ... down some 21% to closed at 52.5cents. The importance of cutloss WAY BEFORE it came down so much ... should be emphasized but most only talk about their profits, leaving many newbies STUCK up there.

Armada (owned by AK) was a KLCI-linked previously ... and abandoned. Reminded me of Sapnrg(SKPetrol) ... and MHB, all such a huge IPO ... going down so much, losing billions of market-cap. Many still stuck up there with local funds supporting and losing too ... EPF and Khazanah ... ASB too. Tabung Haji ... LTAT ... those local-funds, somehow 'obliged' to support these GLCs ... which managed by incompetent people with personal interests. We all read how much they paid Shahril (Sapnrg) for ...well, job not well-done.

Sapnrg : Sapnrg breaks all support ... and if one is still holding, you may need to go thru the right-issues (put in more money to a losing companies is ridiculous way of holding to toxic-portfolio ... a  sin in portfolio management and investment). Now ... Armada going to go  WENT thru rights-issue too ... will you dump in more money into such companies, HOPING they will recover? SERIOUS?

In Armada (at 52.5cents) and Sapnrg (at 35cents) ... do you know how many retailers (you, me and friends) stuck up there? Not forgetting more pain in many O&G such as THHeavy(ex-Ramunia), Sumatec, Perisai, Velesto (ex-UMWOG) and so on.

AVOID the whole sector is the best advice ... do not listen to those analysts claiming O&G rally is possible in 2018. They have no idea ... or perhaps they want us to believe in those short rally ... so that BANKS could distribute to us? Too bad ... that is how stock-market works.

MHB was KLCI-linked too ... for your information. Those newbies may not know that it peaked at RM8 plus ... and now a penny-stock, with many retailers still STUCK up there. Perhaps ...just avoid
 those GLCs in total ... unless you are buying ... say, Maybank? Well, MHB closed at 65.5cents.

FGV : moving away from O&G ... we have this one more giant-IPO at HIGH level, and yesterday it gapped down due to losses reported in QR. FGV is such a huge company, assets-rich ... but so badly managed. With corruption in BN-level as one of the highest level crook in the world, these companies bleed to those greedy politicians and gang. So ... no matter how much cash or assets they owned, I guess ... we as retailers should just avoid such companies.

Those above are four giants ... GLCs and were KLCI-linked. Sad to see such large companies ...listed just to suck out funds from capital markets. Yet, many retailers dived in without any comprehension and lost/losing their investment funds.

From O&G and Plantation ... let us check UEMS (property-sector) and STAR (Media ... you should check Utusan being in PN17).

UEMS : This was KLCI-linked too, for your info. From RM3 plus ... now trading at penny 85.5cents

STAR  (at 95.5cents).... used to be the darling-of-MCA. Well ... we all knew so well how MCA performed in GE12 onwards ... and being abandoned by own-mom-party, BN. Yet ... without
dignity, MCA still stick on like a leech. Somehow ... I do not want to get into writing aout politics. It is still sickening to know many Chinese leaders still suck inside the dino-MCA.

We still have many GLCs which bleeding so badly, and without BAIL OUT, they would have been de-listed. Without favour from Bursa, I do wonder how they could get to be listed. Well ... many companies showing 'good health' of financials before being listed, only to be mis-managed by many unscrupulous management personals.

One of the rule in investing : NEVER buy into badly managed companies. Check their Annual Reports ... check their management teams and track records.

With that ... I m done ... it has been a while I didn't blog. haha. Woke up 5am do help ... mind still fresh.

Good morning. Off.

Note : TM bad QR too ... watching TM today.


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Stock Watch : LayHong and QL

Good morning ... S&P new high closing. 2,897.52 ( +0.78)

LayHong : broken the neckline support around 92cents ... ever since then, it is still diving sharply. In technical charting, it gives us the level to SELL/EXIT ... and no indication of averaging-down.

Averaging down is for investors ... who think/feel that at RM1 is cheap ... so, buy more at 80cents ... well, market given a chance to buy more at 60cents, why not? We shall wait for 40cents to accumulate more and wait for the whole recovery and market giving it a fair valuation?

So ... it is up to fundamentalist to put a valuation on it. Is it way below its intrinsic valuation? Is it 20-30 below that (margin of safety concept)?

QL : Still strong uptrend ... expanding their Family-Mart?

So ... from the above chart, if u r a trader ... take QL and ride it up till trend bends.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Are we in tech-bubble?

Do listen if u r interested


Stock Watch : LionInd

LionInd : one of the hot-stock in play ... today most steel-counters down, so obviously LionInd down too. For investors, this is a good pullback from Rm1.25 to collect at 95cents. Hit 94cents low so far, so ... yup, 95cents done. If you are stuck above RM1.20 ... or RM1.10 ... or RM1 ...time to buy?

How about those stuck up there ... RM1.50 ... RM2 and above? That would be a loooong term investor. Or accidental investors, we called them. Want to trade but get stuck ... reluctant to cutloss and stuck for years, still holding.

Well ... I have no interest to elaborate on LionInd as I hv little knowledge on steel-companies and their fundamentals. So ... trade what I see ... come down to support, buy. Rebound = sell.


US markets at new high

Good morning to GREEN DAY ....

DOW at 26,049.64 ( +259.29)   another 600-700points to Jan18 high

S & P at   2,896.74 ( +22.05) .... NEW HIGH

Nasdaq at   8,017.90 ( +71.92) ... NEW HIGH

Well, as we could see ... the BULL markets and stocks at new high in US-markets, not really in KLSE.

As I could see it, NASDAQ is going to be in bubble-in-making ... so, go to Nasdaq or long the index. S&P just breakout and huge expectations ...

With funds and liquidity there, these could go on a while till we see EUPHORIA. Yes, market will not crash if there is no euphoria. Not in KLSE, for example.

Ok ... time to read and prepare for market opening.

Have a good trading week.



Monday, August 27, 2018

Stock Watch : IQGroup

12.15 pm : IQGroup down 6% at 1.65 now, if you chased up 1.88 and shot up RM2 above, then, u know it is a trap by now. Too late? Well ... you must be naïve or new to market not to understand distributions.

That day, it went up a lot ... with huge volume. Simple rule is NEVER to chase if u so-called miss the boat. Not easy as it requires DISCIPLINE ... of coz, if you are experienced trader, you may be able to catch it ... and sell at RM2

But ...sell is a MUST for traders. cut-loss if you got it all wrong.

You see, many still caught and stuck up there ...RM2.50 ... RM3 ... RM3.50 ... RM4 or even higher. Unless one is an INVESTOR and believe in the strong fundamentals of the company (any companies, indeed) ... you SHOULD be glad to average it down and keep for recovery. A good fundamental company SHOULD recover ... a matter of time.

Ok ...lunch time.


27th Aug : KLCI at resistance

KLCI : we shall see if KLCI to breakout of current resistance ... heading to 1890 level next.

S&P at new high ... Nasdaq at new high ... DOW another few hundred points only to reach new high, which is very likely. LONG US-indices.

As for KLCI : buy uptrending stocks ... not many but there are few to pick from.

Sapnrg : While the talk of the market not is Sapnrg ... with right-issues of RM4b expected, that is huge. AVOID losing money companies at all cost in 2018, if u r not a good trader. You might get caught and suck in if you do not know how to cut-loss

Myeg : with so many retailers and funds stuck up there, this is a good tradable stock. Always active too ... and SWING can go wild. Wanna punt or gamble?

8.10 am ... time to rest and wait for market to open ...


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Stock Alert : Salcon

Salcon : losing money company, to me is AVOID. Downtrending due to losing-money ... awaiting for coming QR, which could be still be bad.

Don't understand why the bonus-issue for ... do not trust such management. Avoid.

Note : someone asked me about this. Sorry that you stuck up there. I do know a friend working there, perhaps I could ask him out to chit-chat.


e-meeting : ride it up or wait for crash?

Ride up or wait down?

Sun, Aug 26, 2018 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Tonight talk about : should we wait for 'crash' or should we ride it up at current level?


Down : Orna and Muda

Orna : gapped down on Friday ... QR announced showing EPS slashed from RM5.81 to RM2.59. Will check at 84cents level, and next QR.

Muda : Will check around RM1.65 level .. as it is down the whole week too. I checked .... the EPS up so well from RM1.35 to RM3.77 ... announced 21st Aug, then WHY is it down?

So ... check the daily chart, which we could see the prices diving last week with the good QR? Hmm ... perhaps it is factored in as it soared from RM1.73 to go up hit RM2.22 ... hmm ...

Data from google : PER of Orna 5.67 vs PER of Muda 9.91. Have not check KLSE-screener.

Ok .. which one to go for? Muda is more popular than Orna.


Friday, August 24, 2018

Dollar averaging : HuaYang

Let me think ... this is HuaYang.  Its peak was RM1.80 level, from 2008 crash level of 15cents (adjusted due to bonus-issues, dividends).

Assuming we like her fundamentally. The whole property-sector has been down and slump. So ... being a contrarian, we would like to see if it is a good time to BUY at current level.

Using Hu-Li-Yang divide 4 method, RM1.80 divide 4 = 45cents , which is at current level. Ok ... buy first portion (invest means buy-hold for long time recovery and average it down if we get cheaper price).

We shall start small ... say RM10k for it at 50cent (closed 48cents at the moment).

Then, if it is at 40cents, continue to buy a consistent amount : RM10k .... 30cents another RM10k, 20cents another RM10k ... and by the time 10cents, we fully invested our RM50k. We don't know how low it could go ... perhaps now itself is bottoming and property-sector to recover by next year!!

The rule is to hold till it recover ... say , 100%. Then ... we sell of HALF of our portion to take back our capital Whatever there is a 'free' stock ... and we have no worry on it up-down.

We don't care ... we just use a no-brainer way of investing : buy-hold and averaging down if lower. Sell if it doubled.

Get the idea ...just an idea. Don't take it too seriously, perhaps ... treat me a coffee and discuss if this idea could work or not.

Note : I don't know if any readers stuck up there in HuaYang but I m not surprise that there are still many stuck up in many property stocks. Well ... dollar averaging, anyone?

Ok ... time for my jog.


Dollar averaging for VS

SKPres : broken the critical RM1.35 level. Will we be seeing it below RM1?

VS : peaked around RM2.50, and turned downtrending. Averaging it every 50cents down ... assuming we bought at RM2.50, we would have bought more at RM2 and also RM1.50. The average is not RM2.

use RM10k for each level : 4000 units x RM2.50 = RM10k, 5000units x RM2.00 = RM10k, 6670units x RM1.50 = RM10k and so on ... sell if up every 50cents too. By the time we hit 50cents level again, we would have used up our RM50k. Will VS see high again day? We shall watch.

I would suggest to place more funds at lower level. Example RM5k at RM2.50, RM10k at RM2, RM15k for the RM1.50 ... RM20k for RM1 ... RM25k for 50cents level, totaling RM75k. Assuming we still have RM25k cash-in-hang ... we go all out at 25cents for the last RM25k. That is called sailing-level.

Note : I m just using VS as example ... we can always use whatever GOOD stocks that we like to do the dollar-avareging and it is a no-brainer. A matter of discipline and we have to make sure ... the company is strong enough to continue to grow despite recession, after crisis and such.

For the 'less risk takers' , dollar-averaging might work well with Maybank or PBBank.

The levels we placed to buy in consistent-manner do not matter much too. What the most important thing is the company is strong in fundamentals and will recover day. Cheap today, could be cheaper in future. Stock prices up today, may continue to go up ... example : QL or Harta

Let's use the new high QL as example. What is the best time to buy QL? As we are not analyst and assuming we do not even know QL is very rich in valuations, we only started to buy ...say at RM6. We have to stagger our buying.

But, I prefer this 'be patient and wait' strategy (any stocks going up will be downtrending again one day ... check SKPres and VS above).

Assuming it peaked at RM10 after months later.

We do not start to buy QL when it is downtrending. We slash the price into half.

Start to buy only when it priced at RM5 (half of the peak RM10 level).

Use first portion : RM5k for RM5.

Then .... use RM10k for RM4, RM15k for RM3, RM20k for RM2 ... and so on.

What are the issues we have to face? Well, we DO NOT know if it ever go to THAT low. Meaning to say, assuming we bought at RM5 ... and it bottom out after hitting RM4.20 (not RM4 for our next buying level) ...and start a new uptrend (where to sell??) to run up to RM7 level again.

So ... because we could never know where it will peak from here, a good uptrend could go on for months or even years ... and when it is downtrending, we DO NOT know where the low would be, so it is hard to allocate the amount of funds we have for each stock.

 Take VS as example : As it peaked at RM2.50 ... slashed half = RM1.75, right? We would have bought our first portion at RM1.75 .... I would suggest RM10k allocation here. VS closed at RM1.55 yesterday, so we are in RMXYZ paperloss ... heck, don't look at the short-term fluctuations .. we are in looooong-term investing, remember?

Slashing RM1.75 into half would be severe ... at around 88cents, nice number. So we shall use RM20k (double of the first portion) ... and with that, we shall reserve more funds at lower level ... 88 divide 2 = 44cents ... that would be about the next level to utilize out third portion ...say, RM30k.

Obviously, we don't know if VS ever reach 22cents level (say, during crash ... anything is possible, ya) ... so, we buy VS with RM40k for our last fund (totally RM100k). By the time it reaches 22cents, market would be in severe conditions and it might even go lower than 22cents but we have sailang-ed. We only wait for recovery.

All the above ... seems to be a no-brainer but we do have many issues to tackle. Assuming we only have RM100k fund, would you put all eggs in one QL basket? Or buying into VS?

Point for all to ponder ... as I m still wondering too ... how to allocate my funds during crash.

Logically speaking, we only start to buy during crash ... but can we wait or start buying VS now at RM1.75? oppss ... if u have not bought into VS, you may get it cheaper now at RM1.55.

Fix our funds to FOCUS into very few stocks that we like to buy ... and average-down and be a long-term investor. Then ... you will out-perform most of traders who go-in-out ...

That is what I m going to do.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Stock Alert : SKPres

SKPres : breaking critical strong support ...

Note : I traded VS and SKPres during tech-rally 2017 ... last trade was at RM2.30 ... today, below RM1.30. Sell yet?


Stock Watch : Coastal

Coastal : Trading around RM1.15 level at the moment.

Yesterday, I spent some time to read on Coastal Contract's AR2017.

Coastal is a well-managed company ... and was a good company, placed by Forbes under RM1bil club. With cash in hands plus good order book, it used to be a darling of KLSE. Well ... it surged to peaked around RM5 in mid-2014. As we all know ... KLCI hit new high in mid-2014 and oil-prices was at high USD100 plus.

Then ... the crude-oil price dived below critical neckline USD80 ... all the O&G counters tumbled (one needs to learn to GET OUT before all crashed) ... and I have to yell-warn all my trading-members to exit O&G ... we were trading many O&G counters ... including Coastal (I took Coastal-wa).

Back to what I read about Coastal yesterday ... Kenanga given a target-price around RM1.45 with an outperform call. Well, Coastal shown with EPS minus 9cents in Q2 and minus RM1.85 in recent Q3 report. By the way, I took a glance at its quarters for all these years ... NEVER in negative mode. The current TWO consecutive negative-EPS is worrying.

Then, I read another good analysis done by KCChong and placed a high intrinsic value of RM4.24 back in 2015. Well, the sector are too bearish and the earning plunged ... so as the stock-price. Being a trader, I have no knowledge to give such a good thorough analysis on a company.

All I do is read few critical ratios and columns in Annual Report ... such as cash-flow (the lifeline of biz ... was reading that from a book), the current ratio ... the biz-model ...and think on what-gives. Then, I will check on the chart ... charts tell many stories ... up or down trend.

As the whole O&G still struggling to stay afloat, I will not put my money into Coastal ... expecting a U-turn. Though crude-oil price trading around USD70 now, recovered so well from USD30 for past year, it does not translate to PROFIT for many O&G companies ... including Coastal.

The only positive thing shown is Coastal at current RM1.12 is trading way below its NTA or NAV valuations.

Description : Coastal Contracts Bhd. is a marine company. The Company's segments include Shipbuilding and Shiprepair, and Vessel Chartering. It provides marine products and services to the shipping, oil and gas and commodities industries. Its business units include Shipbuilding Division, and Oil & Gas Division. The Shipbuilding Division specializes in fabrication and sale of offshore support vessels, and marine transportation vessels. Its Oil & Gas Division focuses on the development, ownership and chartering of strategic offshore assets for oil and gas upstream sector. Its services include build, charter, repair, maintain and trade of marine vessels ranging from tug boats, oil barges, dumb barges and landing crafts to offshore supporting vessels and others. Its combined yard space of over 100 acres is equipped with engineering facilities offering vessel and offshore structure fabrication, and repair and maintenance services. It has operations in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, among others.

We can check on others website written about Coastal.

No of shares : 531.6 million (x stock-price will give us the market cap)

PER : 83.90 (VERY high PER due to shrinking EPS)

DY : 1.79% (certainly not for investors looking for dividends)

Then, I went to Bursa to check on announcements : Samarang fund bought into her ... now more than 5.7% holding. Insiders also buying too. That is another positive news.

Well  ... for INVESTING (buy-hold), I will not get involved.

Note : Learning to analyse and put criteria for investing, preparing for cheap-sales to come.

Well ... will put Coastal in my shopping-list and we shall see how it goes.


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Shipping : A leading or lagging indicators?

Selamat Hari Raya Haji ... we have a day off today from market.

Many have forgotten that ... a year ago ... HanJin collapsed. HanJin was the 8th largest shipping company in the world ...

Maybulk : This is RK's company ... trading nearing historical low.

MHB (parent is MISC) : at low too ... from RM8 to current below 70cents.

MISC : This is index-linked ... trading around RM6 now, peaked RM8.30 level. Went to RM5 recently before a sharp rebound.

Coastal : Peaked around RM5 ... during 2008 crisis was trading below 80cents, recovered and rallied during O&G theme play ... and today it is trading around RM1. Will you BUY DURING CRISIS? Shipping is in crisis now ... and is Coastal price is considered 'cheap'?

Go to :

SO ... there you are. Check on those shipping-related companies ... how they are doing and why? Think in the biz-sense ... why all in downtrending and struggling.


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Stock Watch : Muda

Muda : This young stock really know how to run ... if u see the gap-down, u know it is trapping many retailers. I don't really understand the reason WHY retailers chasing Muda, but the swing would be good for me to take trades.

Queue to buy for today : RM1.95

I have no interest to hold stocks ... and definitely not Muda.

Go to the site and check on the fundamentals. Ok .,.. tonight's homework.


Stock Alert : Star and Utusan

Star : Bad QR ... and yes, MCA tutup kedai after GE14. No more propaganda ... and not many advertisers being FORCED to support MCA or BN ... cronies. STAR used to be a darling as a good dividend counter ... guess the fundamentals changed.

Utusan : Welcome to the PN17-world ... and no more talk-big just like before GE14. The collapsing of BN is also caused by bad media and reporting. Fake news and flaming on race-religion play-cards.

Bye bye STAR and UTUSAN.

So ... which are PH-media? Aliran? Rocket? hmm ... need to dig on that as PH-cronies will benefit from here ... what? PH is not practicing cronyism? You sure? come-on ... we are matured enough to know power corrupts.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hi ... long time no see

There are many of my so-called friends who have left me ... and yes, long time no see.

While new so-called friends are made, they will leave too ... once they could not see any benefits of being a friend to you.

These 'sad' fact about friendships ... I have closed myself tight to understand that there is no such thing as FRIENDS in trading or investing. Mentors ... yes. But they are not your friends. Students ... yes, they learnt trading from me and those are not friends too.

I have few initial 'good' friends ... they are special as they were one of my first batch of 'students' (cohort 1 to cohort 5 ... after that, diluted). Most of them no longer with me ... I have few still around with me, but very few.

Besides those from my cohorts (trading workshops) ... there are so many who got to know me 'due to' trading ... and many became my 'stock watch' members. Some I met them in person ... most I knew them only by the 'facebook nicks' ... and many became 'closed' ... we are in chatbox in daily basis ... and some are really nice-friendly ... but they left too.

How are you all? long time no see ..

as for some ... I have not met for 10years. Yes ... my 1st 'student' in trading. He was my good friend, my colleague's hubby ... a doctor in profession. He is JL ... and we ended not well. I was so naïve and sincere in teaching him whatever I knew back then ... in Mac 2009. well ... it is not 10 years yet ... next Mac, then.

But ... the 10 years in market really brought me up-down in my emotions and 'friendships' ... I got to know so many people whom I never thought I will ever get to know. Being a 'loner' in my teaching line, I do not mix with many colleagues either ... I m confined to classrooms ... teaching students of aged 17-18 ... not adults? not trading?

So ... my cohort-0 was 6 of my colleagues. One is an author of investing books now, but still teaching. Another turned to be a trading-sifu ... still teaching in college. Another 2 became my biz-partners where we opened tuition-centers and they are not trading. Well ... don't really know where the other two of others ... but they still dormant as my facebook-friend.

Well ... those in cohort 1 to cohort 10 (year 2012-2014), if you are really these lines ...and still happened to be here : How are you? long time no see ... wanna meet up?

Me? I no longer teaching trading as there are so-many so-called sifu/guru ... I m a non-competitive person. I do not argue or fight ... I moved away, and doing what I m suppose to do. As long as I enjoy doing what I m doing ... decently and never to cheat on others ... I m glad.

dear readers ... as some of you been reading my writings for years ... are you my friends too? If you have not been reading ... that is due to my inconsistency of writing. Sorry for that ... I could no longer find the 'flow' I needed to write in regular basis ... neither do I find the time to put in some 'useful' lines. I used to have the PASSION for writing blogs as I m a blogger ... and still am. I m blogger for past 15 years now ... and I do not see myself 'stop' from blogging...

it is just ... I need to move away from many bad humans. I dislike being in spotlight of many bad humans who criticize and un-appreciative of my sharings ... and teaching. So, I have moved away for some years now ... and could not really find the flow that ... I m having now. hehe ... must be the soy-bean milk I just had or the dark-choc ...

anyway ... thanks to those few who still read my writings : can I suggest that you visit or read my writings from ... as I will want to write 'half-way' and continue my writing on the same post (wont be refresh in i3 or other forums).

Hello blog ... long time no see too. you have been 10 years here now. I have wanted to leave you few times, even created '' but I feel the comfort of writing here. you have been a space to me ... to voice-out my crumbled thoughts and un-block many words which I could never be able to express ... and being 'myself' ... knowing that not many reading is the best of place, I want to be.

Hello new readers ... welcome to my blog. I will try to write a post per week ... but I cant promise. being a blogger, we write naturally. no intention to schedule our writings (those are for internet-marketing .. I m not).  I m not asking you to read all the words ... but seriously, I m a blogger. I can write better without 'constrains' and 'conditions' ...

Generally ... I m a kind person, but with bad-temper. lack of patience to talk to majority and it is tiring to get to know more people. Leave me alone  ... read in silent. If you need to comment or say hi to me ... come to my blog-page. I do not read i3-forums/comments ... those are noises to me.

I no longer share my 'charity projects' ... it is kinda missing ... as I could not even write what I m doing without being judged. Even if I m doing good ...

There will always few good humans around me ... keep in touch as I will be glad to have a chat with and during crisis, see how I could help. I have tried to have as many e-meeting to share with readers and others what I m doing at the moment, preparing for crash/crisis.

so ... where are we now?

arrghh ... nice, able to write few lines today. hehe. something I do miss.

Thanks for allowing me to have the 'flow' that I have lost ... virtually and literally.


Saturday, August 18, 2018

Some plantation counters

Saturday morning ... today got two classes, start of school holiday ... so, I might drive up to Penang for 1-2 days trip.

KLCI weekly chart ... not so good. So ... holding to my short ... but DOW up further.

Will plantation-sector and stocks recover from here?

CPO around 2200 level ... and SBO also down so much ... both downtrending. Do you think YB Kok can do anything about it?

Taken short trade in TDM as it failed to breakout ... but watching for breakout of 30cents to buy.

IJMPlant : showing some interests here ... some rumours/news spreading around?

CBIP (weekly) : potential of bottom-out ...

SimePlant : I will prefer this giant if I m going to buy a plantation-stock.

Ok ... got to run again.

have a nice weekend.


Friday, August 17, 2018

Risk Management

Morning ... it is Friday. DOW gained the most last night ... 396 points and we shall see BULLISH sentiments back to KLSE? Unfortunately, I m still in cash-position, not taking the risk.

Recently, we seen many tech-stocks rallying ... some at new high while others rebounded so well from the bottom. Vitrox breakout RM6.80 sharply and we are seeing new high now.

Today is a long day for me ... with A-level exams nearing, I would have three tuition-classes, then will attend a 'workshop' before meeting few trading-kaki for our monthly coffee-meet.

BIMB's formed a very strong hammer back then in early Feb 2016 ... I bought into her. Now, to tackle few issues : Did I buy into large position? did I hold till up 20-30%?

So ... whether we buy Vitrox uptrending and breakout ... or BIMB when it dived for technical rebound ... it doesn't matter much. It is the understanding of RISK that separate most of us. We have different risk-appetite. And our risk-appetite also depends on our knowledge and experiences.

Well ... that is what trading or investing is all about : RISK MANAGEMENT.

No need to argue if TA vs FA ... or what have you.

So ... it is not that we cannot chase Elsoft up ... but the RISK is high at current level. If we are not trading but investing, buy-hold ... we can buy some now and buy more during pullback, right?

Whichever way ... it doesn't matter what we know ... it is still what we do that matters. It is what we do ... remember that. Everyone can talk-big ... but when it comes to DOING, it takes courage and experiences to guide us ...

Emotion-control is one of the critical trait in trading. Do not get emotionally involved with our trades, easier said than done ... especially if we bought 'huge'.

Let's say we have RM50k in our trading account ... if we are to use RM10k ... that is 20% of our funds ... but if we are buying RM40k ... that is considered as huge as it is 80% of our funds. So ... position sizing is very important when we talk about PROFITS. If a person told you he just profited 30% in trading XYZ ... asked him : how large is your position size? Most likely, they wont tell you the truth.

Back to the hammer-BIMB ... nice one. I did not buy HUGE. I did not hold for a year, 30% profit.

See the issue ... we know BIMB = Bank Islam ... we know strongest hammer = strong buy, yet we do not have a conviction to buy HUGE. Say ...80% of our funds and hold till it gives us 20-30% profit (in a year ,  30% profit is considered excellent).

RISK MANAGEMENT basically means ... how much are you going to allow yourself to lose if the trade goes against us?

Cut-loss small ... let the profit runs ... another easier-said-than-done issue which MOST will not talk about.

----to be continued ---


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Large tech-China's cooperations

China's companies traded in HKSE

China Mobile : Back to HKD70 level low ... a downtrending chart. Will you invest in her?

China Telecom : sideway HKD3.10 to HKD4 level. If you think our TM is a large-company, you have to check those China companies

TenCent : One of the largest internet company in China ... moved from HKD120 to HKD470 before a downtrend now ...

XiaoMi : newly listed in HKSE, this XiaoMi needed not to be introduced to Malaysian consumers. It is back to its IPO (below) now due to bearish-ness in HKSE ... time to invest in Mi-Mi?

ZTE : gap-down ... from HKD30 level to current HKD13 level. It went to hit below HKD10 before a sharp rebound.

China's tech-companies that listed in US-market

Alibaba : Will check if the neckline USD165 broken.

Baidu : Sideway from USD210 to USD270 level ... now back to critical support.

HuYa : broken the neckline too ... will be watching.

IQiYi : The only stocks I have in US ... and caught at USD33 level (average) ... have to cut-loss and lost about RM5k plus this week as the neckline broken. Need time to digest on my losses ... IQiYi is speculated to be Netflix of China in-the-making.

Note : I will still buy into the idea of Nasdaq going into bubbly zone ... in months to come, not crash but new-high with euphoria. So ... need to check which one I should be punting in. : claimed to be Amazon of China in-the-making ... just broken the support this week.

Ok ... will invest into one or two of these when global financial or tech crisis is here.