Thursday, July 05, 2018

Steel : Mycron

Mycron : one of the lousier steel company among all larger ones.

When the steel-sector rallied ... any slight-related to steel also will run ... that is THEME play.

Once over, it is OVER. Let it be ... let it go. LEARN THAT TO SURVIVE.

I had an e-meeting regarding steel-sector as I will be bearish till market to crash. Well, I have written about the sector in Mac(??) when the whole sector STARTED to turn bearish ... When LionInd broken support ...and AnnJoo started to be a downtrending stock. You have to be smart to GET OUT before things turn ugly ...

Good luck to those still holding ... and think again if you are going to AVERAGE IT DOWN.

It is 2018 ... finally. After 10 years of being in market, the time is here.


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