Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Let's move to US markets?

Good morning ... and checked Nasdaq at new high. More and more talks in town regarding investing or trading in US, diverting more retailers from KLSE to US markets (little too late, as always ... creating a mini-euphoria here) ... and promoting their US-trading workshops, courses and selling some products etc etc ... perhaps even unit-trust linked to US markets.

So ... are we all still in KLSE or moving to US where the bull-rally is?

Facebook : the F of FAANG ... and most of us have facebook a/c , right? Facebook going into new high again ... and it will continue to go higher ... in fact, all the FAANG stocks will reach new high and higher than current level in coming months.

That is why many US-market workshops and market-talk expected soon ... as that is where the money is.

Ride the trend up, they said.

It is everyone's question ... how long could these bull-market last? We are surpassing the 10-yr mark, and everything looks great ... and rosy?

Google : G is for Google. Google hit new high yesterday , for your info.

Till everyone in KLSE or globally ... interested to move funds to US, we do not see bubble YET. We might be seeing Amazon to USD2000 level ... and with Facebook going for USD300?

DOW moving to 30, 000 level .... and Nasdaq to 10, 000. Watch and I will update once they reach there as that would be a great bubble blowing then. No one will realize as everyone is busy buying and moving into the wagons ... that is nothing new in market-euphoria, right?

Perhaps, I would create a US-market group using Facebook? Nah ... I have my own trading-group for US (open to my stock-watch members) and lazy to maintain another public group.

Just think if moving to US and ride on the bubble-up is suitable for your risk appetite. Then, just do it.

Note : all bubble eventually will burst. Do not be the 'last' fool.


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