Monday, July 02, 2018

Latest QR : NTPM and SCGM

Morning ... read that Spain is out of the world cup too. We shall see if Brazil and England would be out next ...

Checking on the latest QR :

1 . NTPM down 87%

NTPM : Peaked at RM1 ... at Mac 2016. Back to 50cents level now. Gap down after the not good QR. A quick check on the previous QR : it has been in-red since June2016 wonder la.

Always go to the website and check what are their biz and fundamentals BEFORE we buy/trade into a stock.

NT = Nibong Tebal (Penang)

SCGM : from 3.20 peak ... down till 1.40 level now. More than 50% ... so, if one is STUCK up there ... prepare to hold for yearssss to come. QR bad ... down by 97%.

Create a work-sheet to record these ... and read their annual reports, to understand their biz. Wait for crash to come ... if these companies trading at current level, and if you find them FUNDAMENTALLY strong ... put in your buying list.

Track for few more quarters to come ... and buy once market very bearish. I m certain most would not buy during crash ... but rather, they ALREADY stuck up there, quietly absorbing the pain = in denial.


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