Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Stock Watch : Heng Yuan

HengYuan : this counter is very quiet now ... with not many people talking about her or how much they bragged about their profits. One wild horse that I m still monitoring, awaiting for it to break RM6.

This is what I do ... watch it up in EUPHORIA ... and crash.

We can learn from the movements and how she is being pushed up, only to be dumped ... trapping many un-informed (or mis-informed) retailers, hoping to breakeven ...

Well ... that is the cruel stock-markets.

Get real .... cutloss, slap yourself ... and start to learn.


Monday, July 30, 2018

e-meeting : SMF

Share Margin Financing (SMF)

Mon, Jul 30, 2018 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Should we be taking SMF?


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Stock Alert : KNM

KNM : I have not been checking her ... knowing that KNM is a lousy-stock is not good enough ... AVOID at any cost is more important.

I don't know ... someone asked me what he should do to his holding of KNM (average at 47cents). KNM trading at 20cents ... so, I don't know if they are going to goring her again ...

.... but I do know hundreds or thousands out there STUCK inside KNM. That I m sure.

And market not even crash yet ... they get themselves stuck? Because ... cutloss is too painful.

Well ... that is the reality of stock-markets. MOST do not want to learn.


Saturday, July 28, 2018

book-sharing : Irrational Exuberance

Irrational Exuberance

Topic 10 : Herd Behaviour and Epidemics

Sat, Jul 28, 2018 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Friday, July 27, 2018

Stock Alert : Jaks

Jaks : Broken RM1.25 by a gap-down due to issue with STAR (I sold STAR yesterday 1.20, fyi).

A typical example of GAP DOWN = SELL.

If you see the good fundamental in the company, be glad to buy or add.

Technically, it should not break RM1 level which ... recently the gap down to RM1 which me and our group bought into. But I do remember I sold way too early ... well, it went up to RM1.70 level haha.

So ... gap down = sell or buy? Go figure.


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Let's move to US markets?

Good morning ... and checked Nasdaq at new high. More and more talks in town regarding investing or trading in US, diverting more retailers from KLSE to US markets (little too late, as always ... creating a mini-euphoria here) ... and promoting their US-trading workshops, courses and selling some products etc etc ... perhaps even unit-trust linked to US markets.

So ... are we all still in KLSE or moving to US where the bull-rally is?

Facebook : the F of FAANG ... and most of us have facebook a/c , right? Facebook going into new high again ... and it will continue to go higher ... in fact, all the FAANG stocks will reach new high and higher than current level in coming months.

That is why many US-market workshops and market-talk expected soon ... as that is where the money is.

Ride the trend up, they said.

It is everyone's question ... how long could these bull-market last? We are surpassing the 10-yr mark, and everything looks great ... and rosy?

Google : G is for Google. Google hit new high yesterday , for your info.

Till everyone in KLSE or globally ... interested to move funds to US, we do not see bubble YET. We might be seeing Amazon to USD2000 level ... and with Facebook going for USD300?

DOW moving to 30, 000 level .... and Nasdaq to 10, 000. Watch and I will update once they reach there as that would be a great bubble blowing then. No one will realize as everyone is busy buying and moving into the wagons ... that is nothing new in market-euphoria, right?

Perhaps, I would create a US-market group using Facebook? Nah ... I have my own trading-group for US (open to my stock-watch members) and lazy to maintain another public group.

Just think if moving to US and ride on the bubble-up is suitable for your risk appetite. Then, just do it.

Note : all bubble eventually will burst. Do not be the 'last' fool.


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

IDEAs : Property bubble to crash

Click on the link above : some property gurus said ... properties bottom out, and time to buy. This report scaring everyone ... talking about crash. haha

Properties-index : many properties counters rebounded sharply after the crash recently... but the prices of properties still not done yet.

Will they really crash?

Then ... stock-market also will be affected la ... wait, is there a property bubble in Malaysia meh? certain area with high-end only la ...


Monday, July 23, 2018

Sector moving : Furniture

Evergreen (and the gang) awaken ... speculating on USD/MYR up at 4.05 level now ... I don't see these sustainable.

Ever wonder how many hundreds or thousands STUCK up there inside there Evergreen and gang?

Trade with own risk.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

e-meeting : US stocks

US : Bubble in the making?

Sun, Jul 22, 2018 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Will show some exponentially up CHARTS.

CHARTS do not lie?


Friday, July 20, 2018

e-meeting : Be a contrarian

Be a contrarian

Fri, Jul 20, 2018 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Remind all why we need to go against EVERYONE, if possible


Learning about crashes : HSSEB

HSSEB : down after IPO ...

we can see the accumulation level (highlighted) before that piece of news (transfer to main board) out into main market ... scream-n-shout to the public ... BUY ME ... I m the BEST STOCK.

here, share a song that my 10yr old 'special' girl like ... haha.

As majority of retailers GOT TO KNOW HSSEB ... a company they never heard of, jumped in too ...

In forum and watsapp/telegram groups ... we could hear it louder : GO GO GO .... huat ar!!

After the election ... it gap down to RM1.20 level ... let me show you WHY gap down, NEED TO SELL and GET OUT (what?? averaging down due to under-valued? haha ... welcome to stock-market where YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MISLEAD)

I attended the stupid-Teh's e-meeting about 1st gap-down is a SELL. Stupid so-called sifu, as if he knew much. I m going to average down. Against what he is trying to teach should do me well ... hehe.

To add more or cutloss ... that is the question how, with huge losses and stuck. Market not crash yet, but I m stuck. Should have listened to stupid-Teh ... sigh

Luckily ... rebounds now, got chance to go back to my cost price at RM1.35. Now... 75cents , it is still a good stock and since PH-gov going to continue most of the projects, good stocks ... the price WILL RECOVER. But ... no more funds to average down. I need to hold (HOPETOLOGY)

That is HSSEB ... good luck to those holding and average down.


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Membur Rindu by Hattan

Kemanakah hatimu kala aku
Menanti kata cinta
Mengalir air mata
Kala sepi tiba

Terasakan langkahmu makin laju
Melangkah batas rindu
Dan aku pun memburu
Mentari yang jauh

Berikanlah masa untukku
Mendendang kasih dalam syahdu
Tidak terhenti pilu di dadaku
Terlepas bayangmu

Terasakan langkahmu makin laju
Melangkah batas rindu
Dan aku pun memburu
Mentari yang jauh

Ku genggam angin semalam
Ku simpan jadi nyanyian
Ku peluk bayang hitamku
Menjadi kamus mimpiku

Berikanlah masa untukku
Mendendang kasih dalam syahdu
Tidak terhenti pilu di dadaku
Terlepas bayangmu

Terasakan langkahmu makin laju
Melangkah batas rindu
Dan aku pun memburu
Mentari yang jauh


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Neckline broken is a SELL

TM : When neckline broken (SELL)

Wed, Jul 18, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Tonight share why neckline broken, we must SELL. Use TM as example. haha


Nasdaq : New high

Nasdaq : At new high ... check FAANG which pushing up Nasdaq further.

Netflix recovered from early selldown last night.

See you at 8000 level soon.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Stocks check : FANG

An educational clip I shared with my group today, for weekend listening.

Netflix : The N of FANG

This is a monthly chart of Netflix ... we are seeing USD400 now. Will Netflix going up to USD800 as the bubble is blowing? We shall watch to be alert (of bubble)

Till then ... we shall see new high in Nasdaq, DOW and S&P. Go there ... nothing much in KLSE.


Friday, July 13, 2018

Stock Watch : Malton

Malton : up to hit resistance now. Alert.

To re-cap ... it was at 50cents ... and if you think this is a start of uptrend, THINK again ... why up today?

READ : no cancel LRT project, managed to cut-cost ... LGE boleh. So, GKent limit up, MRCB and HSSEB up too ... steel up too.

Question : These rebounds sustainable ar?

SOLD : AnnJoo and WCT today, bought yesterday. Missed GKent and HSSEB ... fast-n-furious.

Will write or give e-meeting about these surges ... those chasing, good luck.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

e-meeting : at Rm1, is it under-valued?

at RM 1, undervalued?

Wed, Jul 11, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Discussion : MYEG and GKENT.

Previously RM1 were AirAsia, DRBHcom, UEMS, MRCB ... etc

Today's good question in my chatbox : so ... might as well share it to all.


Sunday, July 08, 2018

e-meeting : Common trading mistakes

Common Trading Mistakes

Sun, Jul 8, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Will pick a few pointers to share with those newbies or novices who wish to learn and know some TRUTH about trading.

General Trading Mistakes

1. Changing your trading strategy after 5 losing trades in a row
Losing is unavoidable and even the best traders will regularly realize losses. Changing your approach after a few losing trades sets you back on the learning curve. Stick to your approach, every losing streak will end.

2. Not expecting the unexpected
A sudden market collapse, an unexpected news release or the loss of your internet connection can happen at any minute. Be prepared by having a fixed stop loss in place. If a single trade could wipe out your trading account, you have not done your homework as a trader.

3. Not keeping track of relevant news releases – denying the importance of news
Even if you are a purely technical trader, you do not have to trade the news, but you have to be aware of them at any point in time.

4. Not being prepared
Do you just fire up your computer, start your trading software and dive into the charts? Just like a plane pilot doesn’t just ask his co-pilot after the take-off where they are heading, a trader needs to have a detailed trading plan for the upcoming trading session.

5. Not doing a post-trading analysis
What you do after your trading session is over determines your future success as a trader. The professional traders analyze their trades, crunch data and plan for the next day.

6. Not using a trading journal
One of the surest signs that you do not have a future as a trader is when you do not have a trading journal and claim that you do not need one.

7. Not fully learning one method
The consistent losing retail trader jumps from one method to the next, hoping to stumble over the Holy Grail. You have to accept that there is no superior trading method and that it comes down to your abilities to make a trading strategy work.

8. Failing to adapt to changing markets
Once you find a way to consistently make money trading, the work does not end. Financial markets are ever changing and evolving organisms. If you fail to adapt to changing market conditions, you will be out of business shortly after.

9. Letting hindsight influence your trading
Amateur traders watch a trade after they have exited it and beat themselves up if they have entered too early. Other times they try to find reasons why a trade was a loser to change their whole trading approach on the spot. The professional trader collects data and makes educated trading decisions based on a large enough sample size.

10. Not understanding the difference between long term and short term perspective
Over the short term, anything can happen. You cannot control the outcome of your trades and you can certainly not predict the outcome of your next two, three or even ten trades. But over the long term, that does not even matter. If you have a trading strategy that has a positive expectancy and follow it religiously, the only possible outcome is making money.

What Traders Say

11. A smaller stop loss means less risk
The distance of your stop loss has no relation to the potential risk of your trade. Risk is measured in a potential loss of your trading account. You have to set the stop distance in relation to the take profit distance and the trade size to get an idea of potential risk.

12. You measure performance in pips
A sure sign that traders don’t know what they are talking about is when they start comparing profits in terms of pips. Pip measurements are totally random and have no value of expressing performance. Pips are relative!

13. Claiming that winrate and risk:reward ratio are useless
Whereas by themselves a winrate or a risk:reward ratio has no value, together they are all a trader needs in order to determine his future trading performance. The combination of risk:reward ratio and winrate is one of the most powerful concepts in trading.

14. Making claims such as: “Make up to $2000 per day daytrading”
Talking about absolute numbers in trading is an easy sign that someone is trying to scam you. A possible return can only be stated in percentages. However, without talking about the risk involved, stating potential profits is a pointless and dangerous thing.

15. Blaming HFT and algorithm trading for your inability to make money
HFT and algorithms are not the reason why you cannot make money. High Frequency Trading and trading algorithms are nothing but new technologies that change the way the game is being played. Traders were scared that the telephone, computers and the internet are going to destroy trading opportunities. Go back to #8 and read it again.

16. Believing in price forecasts
“If someone knew that the price will go to $40 tomorrow, it would go to $40 today.” It is impossible to predict where price is going to go in the future. Because of the numbers of traders, economists or so-called ‘trading gurus’ and the amount of forecasts, you will always find a handful of people that guessed right. Don’t blindly follow someone who was plain lucky.

17. You use the words casino, boring, firework, killing it to describe your trading day
Markets go up and they go down, sometimes they move fast and sometimes a little bit slower, but it is the nature of how financial markets behave. However, if you are trading because of a thrill and excitement, you won’t last long in this business. Adopt a professional mindset and use appropriate language to avoid emotional trading.

18. You use absolute words like never and always to talk about what is going to happen
Using absolute terms in trading is a very dangerous thing to do, always! If you have seen that a certain setup has worked 100% out of the last 20 times, it can very easily fail when it occurs the next time. And just because you have never seen prices going sharply against you, it is still not an excuse to not use a stop loss order or take a bigger position.

19. Using the words ‘hope”, “wish” or ‘feel’ when talking about a trade
If you hear yourself saying or thinking that you hope or wish that price is behaving in a certain way, exit your trade immediately and do not trade any further. Traders have to rely on hard facts and trade based on actual statistics of proven methods. Trading based on emotions is a major reason why retail traders fail consistently.

Risk & Money Management

20. You watch your floating P&L
While being in a trade, do not watch your account go up and down with every tick. It will result in emotional trading decisions.

21. Thinking about what you can do with the current profit or what you could have done with the loss you could take
Only risk what you are can lose comfortably. Trading too big results in trading decisions that are based on fear and greed, the two biggest enemies of traders. On the other hand, trading too small makes you sloppy and more likely to abandon trading rules and risk management.

22. Not paying attention to correlations and how they increase your risk
Financial markets are highly correlated. Traders often believe that by taking several trades in different instruments they are diversifying and lowering their risk. What these traders don’t realize is that, especially if your trading instruments are somehow related, they often move in sync and instead of decreasing your risk, you are actually increasing it.

23. Using a fixed stop loss with the same pip amount on different instruments
Traders who use a fixed stop loss with the same pip amount on different instruments and/or different timeframes haven’t understood the rules of the game. There are no shortcuts to trading success and developing a sophisticated and tested stop loss strategy is just as important as knowing when to enter a trade.

24. Underestimating the significance of drawdowns and their statistical likelihood
Most traders believe that if a trading strategy has 5, 6 or 7 losers in a row, it cannot be a good trading strategy. What if we told you that a trading strategy is still valid after 10 losing trades in a row?

25. Adding to losing positions
This is a big no-go! Learn to take losses because they are normal. Trying to delay the realization of losses is the death sentence for your trading account.

26. Risking an arbitrary number of 2% on each single trade
Setups vary in quality and your position size should account for that. Learn to distinguish between different qualities of setups and entries and use a professional position sizing approach.

27. Ignoring the importance of spread
Research discovered that only about 1% of all day traders are able to predictably profit net of fees. Spread is the cost of doing business as a trader and, therefore, finding ways to minimize your costs should be high on your priority list.

28. Holding losers while selling winners
Research discovered the so-called disposition effect which states that on average, traders sell winning trades 50% faster than they hold losing traders.

29. Trading an account that is not the right size for you
Whether your trading account is too big or too small, both scenarios are less than optimal and have negative effects on trading performance because they are the cause of emotional trading decisions.

30. Denying the importance of math and statistics in trading
Math and statistics are boring and hard, but it does not matter whether you like it or not, as a trader you have to understand the basic math concepts. In the end, trading is nothing but juggling with probabilities, calculating odds and trying to move them in your favor.

Trade Management

31. Not having a trade checklist
Especially for beginning traders, having a checklist that you go through before you enter a trade can significantly increase your performance. A checklist can keep you out of trades that do not match your criteria and increase your discipline easily.

32. Widening your stop loss order when you see price going against you
This is another no-go. Your stop loss is the place where you accept that your trade idea is wrong. Widening a stop loss orders signals that your emotional responses have taken over and that you cannot make sound trading decisions anymore.

33. Using mental stops because you think it gives you more flexibility
A mental stop loss has no advantages whatsoever. None!

34. Pulling your stop loss order to breakeven
Unless it is part of your trading strategy and you can statistically verify that moving a stop loss to breakeven is the optimal approach, don’t do it. Moving a stop loss to break even is a sign that you are afraid of taking a loss and giving back profits.

35. Moving your stops too close
Price moves in waves and you have to give your trades room to ‘breathe’. Moving a stop loss too close to current price will often get you out of trades that would have gone to your take profit order. Learn to distinguish between minor retracements and reversals.

36. Using the big round numbers or famous moving averages for your stop loss placement
Research showed that price behaves significantly different at round numbers and that the reversal frequency is higher in such places as well. The professional players are aware of the fact that retail traders are lazy and just pick what is obvious and easy and it is even more easy to use this knowledge to their own advantage.

Common Sense

37. Expecting to become rich any time soon
The trading industry created the illusion that with enough leverage, the right trading strategy and some luck you can make a lot of money easily. However, even after years of losing money month after month, ‘traders’ still believe that the only reason they have not become a millionaire is because they haven’t found the right strategy yet. Wake up!

38. Not treating trading like a business
Trading is not necessarily hard or difficult, but the approach of the average trader makes it impossible to earn profits from trading. Testing different ideas, calculating and analyzing data, tweaking, continuous self-improvement, preparation, journaling and discipline are all the things the regular trader does not want to hear about and that is exactly why more than 99% of all traders will never make money.

39. Buying a $10 EA
At one point, traders will give up trading themselves and start looking for trading robots or EAs to make them rich. They then buy a $10 trading robot from a random website or from an unknown guy in some trading forum without even understanding what the robot does and start trading their own money. If you still don’t know why this is a bad idea, you have to find out for yourself.

40. Believing that price cannot move higher/lower
Even when price has been in a prolonged rally for several months, you will always find traders who week after week tell you that the turn is imminent and they are looking for short entries. Traders would do well to focus on what is obvious and join the trend as long as it is possible.

41. Trading your own money and savings after 3 months of demo trading
Even people who have been to college or university and who spend years to prepare for a job and then worked their way up are among those traders that open a demo account, take some random trades and then after 3 months of mixed results start trading their own savings. The possibilities that trading offers are limitless and can blind people, but the pitfalls are just as big and the next margin-call is just one click away.

42. Cursing Indicators while praising candlesticks
Whether you are trading price action or are a follower of indicator-based trading strategies, it does not make a difference to your chance of success as a trader. Although people will tell you otherwise, the strategy you choose has no impact on your trading success. It comes down to how you apply the strategy, tweak the parameters and manage yourself as a trader.

43. Analyzing your performance on a daily basis
Do not try to be profitable every single day, week or month. Trading is a long term activity and you do not have any influence on the outcome of your trades. Your only responsibility as a trader is to find a method that has a positive expectancy, religiously apply it and constantly monitor every little aspect of your performance. Do not try to force winning trades, the markets will show you who the boss is.

44. Following advice from random people
Never ever take trades based on opinions, tweets or promises made by other people. “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Saturday, July 07, 2018

It is not over by Daughtry

Saturday ... took a nap. Precious nap.

Watched my 1st World Cup game : France vs Uruguay. No Liverpool's player in both team ... Suarez(ex-player) ... well, maybe they might get Fekir in the new season but Fekir only came in the last minute of the game. France won 2 - 0 and will be playing Belgium in the semi after Belgium beat Brazil. There is Firmino in Brazil team ...

I do not watch football games ... seriously. I do not. haha ... I only watch Liverpool's game. Weird but that is my focus : Liverpool.

This morning I attended a market-talk ... stating about  ECRL and HSR. With the cancellation or postponement in place ... it will affect many construction counters (many gapping down and strong downtrending now --- crashing) and property counters ... and eventually hitting the banks.

Well ... banking counters already in downtrend.

Constructions (weekly) : I exited in end-2016 to focus in tech-sector instead. It peaked in mid-year 2017. So ... as traders, we all KNEW that construction-sector is a SELL by Sept 2017, the START of the downtrending. Do you know? No? really?? still holding to GKent and such, right?

Properties (weekly) : Most of the stocks are downtrending and to me 'property-stocks' is strong AVOID since years ago ...

Finance (weekly) : written few about it ... and if one still could not EXIT ... we cant explain to them as they will claim they are investors and will continue to hold or even average it down. So ... good luck.

As the selldown is NOT OVER.

As Daughtry is one of my liking ... oh yes, he is coming to Msia.

So ... with HSR, MRT3, ECRL and other construction projects under reviewed ... do you see any upside in the whole sectors (construction, properties ... )?

If not ... why are many still holding to their GKent or even Gamuda-we?

How about building materials such as STEEL and CEMENT? I have posted about steel (bearish views) and Cement (bearish too).

Tasek : SELL in JAN 2018 ... can see the neckline support broken? Then ... still do not exit construction-stocks? WHY? Lack of knowledge and experiences, right? STUCK inside forums ... quietly buying, right?

Learn to see indices (few times e-meeting I have shown) ... learn to know the leaders of each sector ... and trade according to the trend. Can ar?

Why argue this and that is under-valued? STUCK just say STUCK la ... why in denial? Why falling in love with those stocks? Example : LionInd? Who don't know LionInd is old-stock controlled by the well-known William? It is not what you know ... it is what you do.

LionInd (weekly) : You do not need to pay thousands to learn technical or softwares ... you just need simple FACTS ... downtrending ... and see what you need to do.

Well ... as I said : The selldown is not over. AVERAGING DOWN is one of the most silly mistake we all could do ... and how low is low la. Wait... market not even crash yet.

Good luck ... stocks do NOT go up by itself. Attend my e-meeting if you are free to ask simple questions.


Thursday, July 05, 2018

Steel : Mycron

Mycron : one of the lousier steel company among all larger ones.

When the steel-sector rallied ... any slight-related to steel also will run ... that is THEME play.

Once over, it is OVER. Let it be ... let it go. LEARN THAT TO SURVIVE.

I had an e-meeting regarding steel-sector as I will be bearish till market to crash. Well, I have written about the sector in Mac(??) when the whole sector STARTED to turn bearish ... When LionInd broken support ...and AnnJoo started to be a downtrending stock. You have to be smart to GET OUT before things turn ugly ...

Good luck to those still holding ... and think again if you are going to AVERAGE IT DOWN.

It is 2018 ... finally. After 10 years of being in market, the time is here.


Wednesday, July 04, 2018

e-meeting : STEEL sector

Steel Sector

Wed, Jul 4, 2018 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Going to show some charts of the STEEL sector, a sector that I m bearish.


Monday, July 02, 2018

e-meeting : responding to comments on Malton

replying to comments on Malton

Mon, Jul 2, 2018 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Stock Watch : Malton

Malton : pumped from 56cents ... rallied 200% up ... check : WHY it was PUMPED up? WHY?

Then ... it retraced ... DUMPED. Ask : WHY it is being DUMPED?

Ask these questions first before you decide to buy into Malton at current price (around 50cents now, lower than 56 cents).

Next : Do you know MANY retailers stuck up there? Check this fact first. Retailers will buy in during the PUMP-period and many reluctant to sell ... even the uptrend is no longer there and LYING to themselves that Malton is under-valued or good fundamentals.

I went to i3-Malton forum ... some mentioning INVEST. I beg to differ.

First of all ... this is 2018. We do not INVEST in poor-sector in the tail-end of bull markets. If stuck, to me (disclaimer : wo men bu yi yang) it is cut-loss.

So ... those mentioned INVEST ... I do wonder they mean : stuck ...then, buy more to average down and to WAIT for recovery of market sentiment ... and the surge in property sector?

I have shown properties-index : Chart do not lie ... it says : The whole sector overall is bearish.

Today's homework : Should I invest in Malton at current valuations? Yes or No? Why?

Note : I do not like property sector for YEARS now and will continue to be bearish in the sector. AVOID.


Latest QR : NTPM and SCGM

Morning ... read that Spain is out of the world cup too. We shall see if Brazil and England would be out next ...

Checking on the latest QR :

1 . NTPM down 87%

NTPM : Peaked at RM1 ... at Mac 2016. Back to 50cents level now. Gap down after the not good QR. A quick check on the previous QR : it has been in-red since June2016 wonder la.

Always go to the website and check what are their biz and fundamentals BEFORE we buy/trade into a stock.

NT = Nibong Tebal (Penang)

SCGM : from 3.20 peak ... down till 1.40 level now. More than 50% ... so, if one is STUCK up there ... prepare to hold for yearssss to come. QR bad ... down by 97%.

Create a work-sheet to record these ... and read their annual reports, to understand their biz. Wait for crash to come ... if these companies trading at current level, and if you find them FUNDAMENTALLY strong ... put in your buying list.

Track for few more quarters to come ... and buy once market very bearish. I m certain most would not buy during crash ... but rather, they ALREADY stuck up there, quietly absorbing the pain = in denial.


Sunday, July 01, 2018

Preparation for crash : Accumulation of bullets

Accumulation of Bullets

Sun, Jul 1, 2018 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

One of the pointer I listed in my preparation for crash is : Accumulation of bullets

If you wish to hear my stories or preparations, then you are welcomed. If you could give me ideas of what you are doing to accumulate-cash-funds, please share with me.

Let us prepare together.


Sunday blah-blah

Morning ... was reading about BUYING vs RENTING a property.

I have decided that 2-3 years ago to sell my apartments for cash ... and seeing markets at last leg of bull-run, I see CASH is KING statement ... to be true.

So, as I m shifting to Penang next year, obviously I would be renting (a condo) and rental in Penang is much cheaper than in Klang-Valley (Subang Jaya) here. It is a tenants-market, they said. Over-supply of properties in Penang ... over-hang and the prices is poised to drop soon ...

This is weekly properties-chart ... downtrending. Charts do not lie ... and this is a leading indicator. For all the prices of properties yet to be downed ... they will in coming weeks/months ... or years? The price of properties in certain areas such as JB, Penang and Klang Valley are not sustainable.

ok ... got to go ...blah-blah later.