Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Stock Watch : Mieco

Mieco : Dropped 60% plus from peak ... I m not sure why many still holding. Too painful to cut-loss and hoping that the whole sector would be in play again? If you are not the person who are stuck up there, you may not care ... or you are those arrogant human who care only for yourself? I knew many with such characters ... they will be wondering why should we care for those who stuck -- they are stupid? --- well, as if they never get stuck before.

Note : Evergreen, Hevea, Flbhd and such also in strong downtrend and I knew MANY stuck up there, not wanting to face reality and started to understand the importance of learning to trade uptrend ... with a cutloss to exit. CUT LOSS EARLY ... by the time it dropped 30% or more, it will become very hard to cutloss

Ok not crashing anytime soon ... but I know MANY stuck up there in MANY stocks. Till they want to FACE REALITY, they will continue to ignore and deny ... and hoping they will recover.


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