Thursday, June 28, 2018

Steel Sector : Bearish

Huaan : A weekly chart ... showing the bearish-ness ... how they PUMPED up from below 10cents ... to 60cents and MAKING the whole punter-communities in KLSE noticed them ... and some sifu-runners promoting them. Steel ke, coke ke ... China ke ... never mind. As long as it is goreng-ing up ... they will punt.

If one is a discipline good trader, we can benefit from the craziness ... when the whole steel-rallying, we trade Huaan UP. Once the stock went sideway ... and BREAK neckline, we get out. Sound simple ... look simple but never as simple.

The CSCSteel weekly chart ... showing the downtrending. Still holding? As the theme play is over, it is over. I m waiting for RM1.10 to be broken ... then only will check on CSCSteel again ... nothing to do with under-valued ... flat-steel ...long or short steel. It is about BIZ ... demand-supply, and yes ... theme-play-rally.

HiapTeck broken 35cents ... gap down this week, actually.

Protect you down-side. Think RISK.


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