Sunday, June 10, 2018

end-May QR : Ulicorp, DRB and ChinHin

Ulicorp : closed at low RM1.41. This is a monthly chart ... you sure you do not cut-loss when the support broken?

Latest QR showing EPS 42cents. Drop in earnings, drop in dividend ... don't look good. no thanks.

website :

ChinHin : hit support 75cents ... and sharp rebound last week. EPS reported is 68 cents, the lowest in all the quarters since listed. Listed mac 2016 ... and now, we are back to that level after a construction-rally ...

website :

Note : building material is not in favour.

DRBHicom : STILL LOVE MONEY ... minus 53cents, narrowed losses is considered good, is it? Well, this one of my trading stock and last week sold her off at RM1.94 ... it hit RM2.01 the next day. Now, pending pullback and can be traded again ... surged to RM2.70, Geely's stories ... and downtrending.

So ... can trade ChinHin and DRB but UliCorp is not.


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