Thursday, May 24, 2018

SELLDOWN : May 24th

Morning ... I know many retailers stuck up there ... many of the charts I have shown, those waterfalls ... are actually being asked. Some messaged me ... and I cant answer.

Ekovest, Fajar, GKent, Gamuda(we) ...

9.40 am : ANOTHER selldown day .... minus 30plus. Getting me excited now. haha

ok ... will write later.

come to for refresh and update.

3.30 pm : KLCI at 1780 ...minus 23points. We shall see more red-red days.

Salute : Below IPO and now new low ... going lower. Closed at 50cents yesterday ... today at 48cents.

Karex : Closed 65cents new low too ... today at 63.5cents. Buy yet? Cheap?

4pm : KLCI at 1779 still ... minus 25 points.

Well ... let me see which one diving a lot today ...

MyEg : cutloss as 90cents broken today ... at 77cents now. Interesting chart ... seldom we see such crashing.

GKent : AVOID. Broken 1.47 today ... diving to RM1.37 now ... going to be penny?

Ekovest : still following her down ... at 58cents today, next stop at 45cents level.

Gamuda-we : The hammer failed ... now going lower ... and see how low it could go. AVOID.

FGV : minus 8% , at RM1.61 now ... that day surged, I missed. now ... back to RM1.60 level. See if RM1.50 would break

Eforce : do not catch such chart ...unless you are long-term investor who believe in the fundamentals of the company.


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