Wednesday, May 30, 2018


HSSEB : limit down after lunch due to MRT-3 news ... at 58.5cents. New low.

Gamuda : After the announcement of MRT-3 ... it dived after lunch. From RM5 before election, now we are staring at RM3 level.

Suncon : Dived more than 10% in bearish day today ... ok la, this one stronger.

Simeprop : property-stocks not in favour, right?

Astro : closed at low 1.36 ... after the world-cup RTM announcement.

MISC : selldown continued today ... closed at RM5.35

Muda : goring-ed till RM1.90 ... very hot today, gap down and selldown.

many more ... and I want to keep them for records.

time to go.


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