Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sector Alert : Properties

Besides many mid-small caps plantation stocks at low and downtrending, another sector which have been bearish for some time is : PROPERTIES.

I have been monitoring for some years ... many of those mid-small caps. Properties-stocks are one those to AVOID , knowing that we have over-supply and such.

It is still very interesting to know how stock-prices over react ... positively or negatively. I remembered traded many property-stocks during the rally ... I think it was 2013-2014. I was into property-stocks ... and was last traded in 2014!! wow... way some years ago.

Take an example : KSL

During the rally, KSL hit high RM2.50 ... at 90cents now.

Penang Property-stocks : E&O and Tambun

E&O : jumped from support RM1.35 after GE14.

Tambun : Gap up after GE14.

Conclusion : I will not be buying any property-related stocks as I m bearish on the whole sector for coming years. Low would go lower ...


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