Sunday, May 20, 2018

Post GE14 : Some selldown

Good morning ... it is Sunday. Back to my feet ... after weeks of into reading political-news ... and enjoy the victory. Ini kali-lah ...

Back to reading biz-news ... checking on stocks. As I have sold all my holding before GE14, I do not experience any hu-ha ... gap up or gap down. Here, I prefer to list those gap downs, limit downs and selldowns. I even explained the differences of the three ... in recent e-meeting. Haha.

Note : Sorry to those still holding and I do not take pleasure of pointing to other's pain. Please stay strong and learn from the lessons ... I have experienced few gap-downs too in my 10 years of trading.

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Ok ... let me check on those selldown with long weekly black candle ...

AZRB : from 72cents to 38.5cents ... no touch as this counter's FA is bad.

CMSB : From RM4.05 to RM2.48, lost nearly 40% ... well, the white-head might be checked and the risk of pan-borneo projects being reviewed.

Cuscapi : Lost some 40% too ... from 35.5cents to 20.5cents.

Destini : From 43cents to 24.5 cents. Don't know if Rambo-Mat will check on their accounts ... so, many selling ahead, run-run ... Rambo is coming.

DRBHcom : selldown only 20% ... perhaps due to Geely's deal (any deals with China might post a risk)

Eforce : From 99cents to 54cents. This one we could have escape the selldown before GE14 as it was technically bearish ... way before GE14.

Fajar : Lost some 40% ... from 63.5cents to 37cents.

GBGAQRS : This gabungan is rip-apart ... from RM1.60 to 94cents, lost some 40%.

Gamuda : From RM5.10 to RM4.09. Hit low RM3.97 so far ...lost about 20% in a week. Linked to the toll-abolishment and review of few projects.

GKent : Lost some 60% ... from RM3.94 to RM1.57. hit low RM1.47

HSSEB : rebounded on Thu and Friday. Hit low 85.5, closed at 97 ... dived from RM1.43 to 97cents in a week.

IJM : even the giant like IJM diving too ... from RM2.65 to RM1.96 ... long black. Will check on her.

Malton : from 78.5cents to 59.5cents. Peaked at RM1.89 during that crazy-rally on Bandar_Malaysia ... together with goring IWCITY and EKOVEST. Remember?

MRCB : From RM1 to 70.5cents ... a counter heavily linked to UMNO and BN, with many projects given to them ... easily. So, will PH-gov open their accounts for checking. RISK of holding this is there ... unless you are a trader.

Myeg : The most severely hit, I think. From RM2.58 to 92.5cents in a week. Two limit downs and almost hitting third limit down in a week.

WCT : From RM1.28 to 72 cents  ... no touch a black candle.

I have to go ... so, I might miss a few more ...

Will the selldown over and we could see funds back to buy these battered stocks? Join me to check on these : e-meeting Monday 9.30pm to discuss.


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