Saturday, May 26, 2018

Plantation stocks : Time to invest?

Plantation (weekly) Sideway ... supported by IOICorp, KLK, Simeplt ... these giants. FGV sideway too.

April 2018 :

KUALA LUMPUR: UOB Kay Hian Malaysia Research expects all companies under its coverage to register weaker on-quarter results on lower fresh fruit bunches (FFB) production and crude palm oil (CPO) average selling prices in the first quarter ended March 31, 2018

Jtiasa : At low 70.5 cents level ... will like to check the fundamentals. That is what we should do ... when the stocks trading downtrending and at historical low price ... during 2008 crash, it was at 50cents level. They just made a "loss" QR recently.

SOP : back to support RM3.30

TDM (Tun Dr Mahathir) : At low 27cents now, from 72 cents. ex-div and bonus 1 : 5 and 1 : 10  previously.

For more fundamental info : go to

EPS : from positive 1.22 .... to negative 0.17.

During 2008 crash : It was trading at 13-15cents level.

Conclusion : BUY below 20cents.

THPlant (TH = Tabung Haji) : closed at 66.5cents ... lower than 2008 crash level (which around 80cents). Is it cheap? will do some homework and see if worth to invest.

TSH : monthly chart ... closed at RM1.23 ... crash 2008 is at 37 cents level low.

Report : TSH Resources Berhad (TSH)’s 1Q18 Core Net Profit (CNP*) came in at merely RM4.8m, far below consensus and our forecast on lower CPO prices and sharply higher depreciation charge. No dividend was announced, as expected. We slash FY18-19E CNP by 39-25%, accounting for higher depreciation and thinner margins. Cut to UNDERPERFORM with lower TP of RM1.10 (from RM1.60).

Conclusion : Only consider if below 50cents.

will continue with few more plantation stocks.

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