Thursday, May 31, 2018

Trade done : DRBHcom

DRBHcom : I shown my group DRB candle-reading ... support and resistance, for short term traders.

That day it surged up due to Tun M said we are not buying Proton back. Crazy for those chasing.

Note : I sold 1.79 in opening and it hit 1.81 high.

It is for illustration purposes ... and for my explanation of the trade with my closed-group only. It is for learning purposes.


Denial Syndrome

The subject may use:
The above is found in Wikipedia ... a DENIAL stage that many retailers trapped into.

Denial – When markets have not rebounded, yet we do not know how to respond, we begin denying either that we made poor choices or that things will not improve shortly.

Fear – The market realities become confusing. We believe the stocks we own will never move in our favor.

Desperation – Not knowing how to act, we grasp at any idea that will allow us to get back to breakeven.

Panic – Having exhausted all ideas, we are at a loss for what to do next.

Capitulation – Deciding our portfolio will never increase again, we sell all our stocks to avoid any future losses.

We have net-buyers : RETAILERS.  It is a surprise ... as retailers are so positive in our new gov and buying when sharp diving... so, retailers are 'smarter' now ... tho most STUCK up there in few stocks.

Is Myeg reaching the 'capitulation' stage?

We shall see some rebounds today as DOW up 300plus points ... so, rebound = sell?


Wednesday, May 30, 2018


HSSEB : limit down after lunch due to MRT-3 news ... at 58.5cents. New low.

Gamuda : After the announcement of MRT-3 ... it dived after lunch. From RM5 before election, now we are staring at RM3 level.

Suncon : Dived more than 10% in bearish day today ... ok la, this one stronger.

Simeprop : property-stocks not in favour, right?

Astro : closed at low 1.36 ... after the world-cup RTM announcement.

MISC : selldown continued today ... closed at RM5.35

Muda : goring-ed till RM1.90 ... very hot today, gap down and selldown.

many more ... and I want to keep them for records.

time to go.


e-meeting : 30th May Selldown

Finally correction is here. What crash? Only constructions and selected BN-stocks crashing leh ... market still good.

30th May : Selldown 56 points

Wed, May 30, 2018 10:45 PM - 11:45 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

getting excited .... talk tonight.


KLCI minus 60 points

For the record ... KLCI minus 60plus after MRT3 project cancelled.

Anyone in cash position .... time to buy into fear la.

If you STUCK up there, u hv yourself to blame as ... we should exercise CUT LOSS which I have tried many times to share thru my e-meetings.


30th MAY : further SELLDOWN

KLCI selldown further by 35 points ... as DOW minus 390points.

Whether it is the GE14 effect, cancellation of HSR which just announced ... of 1MDB, National 1-T debt ... hmm ... even blame it on Trump or Italy, it doesn't matter ...

give a few e-meeting regarding the selldown past two weeks, lazy to have another tonight. But, guess I will have another e-meeting tonight ... cannot help those many retailers who do not understand how market works ... and still being stubborn to hold.

FEAR = BUY, ya ... so, wait selldown over ... by KLCI below 1700 ... we can see many at new low.

Tenaga : broken 200MA ... long term uptrend is over.

Yes ... the reason I said we need to sell ahead before GE14 ... as the risk is high to hold to stocks, especially we are uncertain of new policies ... new rules and many more.

Example : MRCB, GKent, Fajar ... WCT ... YTL and Gamuda. Even IJM ... all these construction stocks going thru huge selldown due to PH won, re-negotiate of contracts/projects ... potential of cancellations of ECRL, HSR, Pan-Borneo ... large project.

10.45 am : Selldown continues ... minus 44 now, at 1731

Time to buy if you are in FEAR ... issue : do you stuck UP THERE?


Stock Watch : TunePro

Tunepro : Gapped up in bearish day after a good report. I bought at 74 cents but released her at 73cents as market turn bearish, and not risking a bad report (and gap down). Missed.

it is QR time ... bad quarter, will see further selldown. Good quarter ... due to bad market sentiment, expect selldown too.

be aware ... DOW minus 391 points ... and expect further selling by foreign funds this week.

have a nice week ahead.


Stock Alert : TMCLife

TMCLife : support at 72 cents should NOT be broken. Once broken, we shall see huge-downside. Technically ...forming a bearish descending triangle.

Note : I do not have any position here but concern as few of my trading-buddies still holding to her.


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Bad stocks : O&G

Alam : at 12.5cents ...

Barakah : at 9.5 cents ...

KNM : at 19.5 cents ...

Perisai : at 4 cents ...

THHeavy : at 3.5 cents ...

Note : I do know many retailers STILL stuck inside, with huge losses and don't know what to do (no eye see mode). These fundamental flawed companies will go to PN17 and into dust ... de-liested in matter of time. That is the only way we lose ALL ...


New low : Astro and Karex

Astro : Another new low registered.

Karex : Daily black candles with huge-volumes. The selldown is not over.

Still watching few ... going into new low as market is experiencing a selldown.


Monday, May 28, 2018

One long black in KLCI

MISC : a long black candle last week, broken support RM6.60 level. Going below RM6

Tenaga : selldown ... and one long black too. Supported by 50MA weekly now.

CIMB : Rebounded well after GE14 but only to see further selldown last week ... 50MA broken.

TM : dropped to low RM4 level now. Long black too

Axiata : Dived so sharp last week, then rebounded from bottom RM4.18. Waiting for it to break RM4.

There are few more ... to be updated tonight (SIME diving now due to bad QR)

visit me at

Time for coffee.

Today's day-trade : LeeSK, YTL and SIME done. Missed PWroot at bottom and CMSB. Missed selling my YTLpower (hit 83cents but mine not down ... exiting too)


Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sector Alert : Properties

Besides many mid-small caps plantation stocks at low and downtrending, another sector which have been bearish for some time is : PROPERTIES.

I have been monitoring for some years ... many of those mid-small caps. Properties-stocks are one those to AVOID , knowing that we have over-supply and such.

It is still very interesting to know how stock-prices over react ... positively or negatively. I remembered traded many property-stocks during the rally ... I think it was 2013-2014. I was into property-stocks ... and was last traded in 2014!! wow... way some years ago.

Take an example : KSL

During the rally, KSL hit high RM2.50 ... at 90cents now.

Penang Property-stocks : E&O and Tambun

E&O : jumped from support RM1.35 after GE14.

Tambun : Gap up after GE14.

Conclusion : I will not be buying any property-related stocks as I m bearish on the whole sector for coming years. Low would go lower ...


Karex : Cheap enough to invest?

Karex : closed at 60cents ... new low.

It is down by some 80% from the peak RM3.11 ... so, question to many fundamentalist there. Is it cheap to buy NOW and buy in stages ...hold for recovery, long-term?

We all still use condom, don't we?

EPS dropped a lot ... cash-position still but cash depleting ... current-ratio healthy. That is my first glance.

Aberdeen buying ... Chairman buying ... but senior exec-director Mr Goh-Siang disposing (for whatever reason). The whole company basically run by Goh-family.

Just an investment idea.


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Stock Alert : PRKCorp

Citing a May 23 report in The Edge, Nga said PCB's current liabilities of RM340.6mil for the 2017 financial year had exceeded its current assets by RM158.5mil and its market capitalisation at RM88mil


Perakcorp : At new low 61.5 cents ...

This might be de-listed if they continue to lose money and could not pay their debt.


Plantation stocks : Time to invest?

Plantation (weekly) Sideway ... supported by IOICorp, KLK, Simeplt ... these giants. FGV sideway too.

April 2018 :

KUALA LUMPUR: UOB Kay Hian Malaysia Research expects all companies under its coverage to register weaker on-quarter results on lower fresh fruit bunches (FFB) production and crude palm oil (CPO) average selling prices in the first quarter ended March 31, 2018

Jtiasa : At low 70.5 cents level ... will like to check the fundamentals. That is what we should do ... when the stocks trading downtrending and at historical low price ... during 2008 crash, it was at 50cents level. They just made a "loss" QR recently.

SOP : back to support RM3.30

TDM (Tun Dr Mahathir) : At low 27cents now, from 72 cents. ex-div and bonus 1 : 5 and 1 : 10  previously.

For more fundamental info : go to

EPS : from positive 1.22 .... to negative 0.17.

During 2008 crash : It was trading at 13-15cents level.

Conclusion : BUY below 20cents.

THPlant (TH = Tabung Haji) : closed at 66.5cents ... lower than 2008 crash level (which around 80cents). Is it cheap? will do some homework and see if worth to invest.

TSH : monthly chart ... closed at RM1.23 ... crash 2008 is at 37 cents level low.

Report : TSH Resources Berhad (TSH)’s 1Q18 Core Net Profit (CNP*) came in at merely RM4.8m, far below consensus and our forecast on lower CPO prices and sharply higher depreciation charge. No dividend was announced, as expected. We slash FY18-19E CNP by 39-25%, accounting for higher depreciation and thinner margins. Cut to UNDERPERFORM with lower TP of RM1.10 (from RM1.60).

Conclusion : Only consider if below 50cents.

will continue with few more plantation stocks.

visit for the update (as it will NOT be refreshed in i3 or other forums).


Friday, May 25, 2018

Stock Watch : Gkent and Myeg

GKent : at 1.40 ... before GE14, it closed at RM3.94 ... yup, u seen that right. That is how retailers get stuck and lose money. From peak around RM4.40 ... divide 4 = RM1.10 level to consider.

MyEg : what a selldown after GE14 ... can try around 70cents.

Note : do not catch knives if you are not prepared to be cut.


Stock Alert : Hevea

Hevea gapped down to around 82cents due to bad QR. avoid all furniture-related stocks.


Thursday, May 24, 2018

e-meeting : Selldown 24th MAY


Thu, May 24, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Will check on those selldown further tonight.


Meeting : 25th May

POST GE14 : coffee chit-chat


Day : Friday 25th May

Time : 8.30pm to 10.30pm

Venue : Sunway Pyramid (Caffe Bene)

contacts: go to my blog

Those coming ... contact me first (limit to 5 only)


SELLDOWN : May 24th

Morning ... I know many retailers stuck up there ... many of the charts I have shown, those waterfalls ... are actually being asked. Some messaged me ... and I cant answer.

Ekovest, Fajar, GKent, Gamuda(we) ...

9.40 am : ANOTHER selldown day .... minus 30plus. Getting me excited now. haha

ok ... will write later.

come to for refresh and update.

3.30 pm : KLCI at 1780 ...minus 23points. We shall see more red-red days.

Salute : Below IPO and now new low ... going lower. Closed at 50cents yesterday ... today at 48cents.

Karex : Closed 65cents new low too ... today at 63.5cents. Buy yet? Cheap?

4pm : KLCI at 1779 still ... minus 25 points.

Well ... let me see which one diving a lot today ...

MyEg : cutloss as 90cents broken today ... at 77cents now. Interesting chart ... seldom we see such crashing.

GKent : AVOID. Broken 1.47 today ... diving to RM1.37 now ... going to be penny?

Ekovest : still following her down ... at 58cents today, next stop at 45cents level.

Gamuda-we : The hammer failed ... now going lower ... and see how low it could go. AVOID.

FGV : minus 8% , at RM1.61 now ... that day surged, I missed. now ... back to RM1.60 level. See if RM1.50 would break

Eforce : do not catch such chart ...unless you are long-term investor who believe in the fundamentals of the company.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Post GE14 : Selldown

Post GE14 : selldown

Wed, May 23, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Talk tonight.


KLCI down 29 points

11.30 am : Watching KLCI minus 27 points ... selldown in Axiata, TM, CIMB, Tenaga ... and foreign-funds exiting in daily basis since after GE14.

KLCI daily chart after yesterday ... now with a long black candle.

Many more diving to new low and market NOT crashing yet ... just few those gap-down last week were crashing ... market is unstable with many more smelly rubbish being dug out ... no thanks to our corrupted and greedy ex-PM.

Cronies from BN-gov would be investigated ... so, many stocks have huge selldown, ahead of more rubbish being shown publicly.


GKent : This over-played stock ... up from RM1 to RM4 ... hit high around RM4.40 ... at RM1.50 level today diving ... so, hit 1.46. Once last week low RM1.47 broken, we see free-fall further from here. Well ... expecting it to trade below RM1 again ... one day.

Note : It is ridiculous to say GKent is cheap ... it was driven up by NEWS ... today, many stuck up there, obviously.


BJCorp : gapped up after GE14 ... well, they said VT is TDM's friend .... so, up lo. Today, back to 31.5 cents after hitting 39cents

Opcom : I watched ... the limit up, gap up and selldown now ... if you stuck up there, it shows you chased ... and if you do not know the risk, you wont survive (2018).

Ok ... time for lunch and rest ... cleared many in opening for small losses. Now, stuck in two stocks ... zzz ...