Sunday, April 08, 2018

Sunday blah-blah

Good morning ...

Football : Liverpool drew with Everton, playing 2nd-liners, as they preparing for the 2nd leg of Champions League. MU came back from two goals down to win.

Pre-election : Parliament di-bubar-kan. So ... the selldown on Wednesday was the exiting of funds ahead of election? Then ... the rebound and the buying by ff is what? Everyone is telling that KLSE will gap up if BN is to win. I made my decision to sell all and stay sideway. Good luck to those buying.

Note : no more ROCKET logo ... it is light-blue EYE logo

Penang : I m in the plan of moving to Penang by end of this year. Time to move on after staying put in Subang Jaya for nine years ... and to go back to my 'tempat lahir' which is progressing well under PAKATAN.

Nomad : I moved to Sabah when I was in my early 30s and stayed there for 10years. So .. being a nomad, I will move to Penang as 9years?

Tuition : still kinda pack with classes ... but don't know if I could find classes in Penang? To re-start all over again ... hmm ... wont be easy as I m in my 50s now. haha.

Index-linked : Astro and Ambank taken out? And replaced by Dialog and Harta?

Astro : closed at historical price.

Lazy to write ... so, have nice week ahead. haha


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