Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Selldown : tech-stocks

MPI : In 1st week of DEC 2017, MPI broken the neckline. An initial signal that I alerted my group to be aware of tech-stocks... those into small-mid caps, be aware. Wait for MPI to be below RM7, peaked above RM14.

GTronic : What a dive ... is it an opportunity to trade technical-rebound?

MMSV : I gave two alerts ... one ws when RM1.80 broken ... but it rebounded from RM1.50 to above RM1.80 again ... before the second alert when RM1.50 broken. Today, still moving lower ... we shall see below RM1.20 soon, perhaps will wait at RM1 level.

VS : Diving further today ... to RM2.09 now. See you below RM2?

Note : trade and hold at own risk. Buy uptrending stocks, NOT averaging down the downtrend, ya.


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