Saturday, March 24, 2018

Waterfall-list continues

ATTA : Never posted this fella ... what under-valued are you talking about la? Wait ... this ex-name was? ... checked google : SMPC.

Efficen : no longer efficient ... after that spike (Alibaba boss came here la) ... now, see u at 18cents level next.

Note : someone messaged me yesterday about Efficen. I do not check Efficen lloooong time ago leh. After broken the neckline and support, I deleted her from my list.

HWGB : This one consolidated 1-4 ... means ar ... 10cents = 2.5cents la. It is the reverse of "split". Split is to make it looks cheap (tho fundamentally, it changes NOTHING) ... consolidation is to make it looks more "decent". Understand ar? Check HUBLINE which consolidated too ... see how it is performing now?

Kawan : See next week break that support line, back to RM1 only I yell again ... but, if you get caught as u bought due to someone promoting it, you have yourself to blame for believing ... it is trending ... now trend over-la, sell lo. You think the promoter(s) will tell you they sold ar? They will say they sold at HIGH price la ... and you do not even know if they really bought it up, trending it up. So ... don't ask me ... ask the promoters. I m not a promoter of stocks.

Note : Someone messaged me as he stuck up there into Kawan  ... now only I checked as I never traded Kawan (friends) ... time to un-friend?

PoHuat : Not at new low yet ... but broken the neck last week. See you around RM1, ya. PoHuat or Boh-huat?

Note : I have avoided PoHuat and the whole sector some YEARS ago, I don't know. Technically downtrend, bearish and avoid.

PRKCorp : Continues to bleed ... bad QR. Avoid.

PUC : after some pump-up with news, runners in forums to trap those greedy retailers ... check her again below 10cents. Now lazy to check ... but if u chase up at 30cents above or even think of buying into the mouth of sharks, good luck. Any experienced traders and investors could tell you la ... tau apa tu goreng ar? What fundamental ar?

Titijaya : Seeing new low last week ... one can finds MANY new low in property-stocks ... obvious reasons?

Take care ... good luck next week.


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