Sunday, March 11, 2018

Waterfall list (continuation)

ah chong : I got e-mail from him and will not be reading. So, please do not need to e-mail me your comments. Everyone has his own views ... and I have mine. I will be glad if we could meet up, instead. I do not like reading ... and I m too lazy to reply, either. Keep in touch, anyway and thanks for those e-mails (with your good intentioned comments).

Let me post my blog-link again :

So ... back to my postings on downtrend sectors and stocks? Where am I?

Property and Plantation/Timber/Wood/Furniture

Evergreen : Peaked at RM1.65 divide two = 80.25 cents divide two = 40cents to buy. Ok, put in the list to watch. Currently at 50cents level ... low could go lower.

Jtiasa : A penny stock now, below RM1. The chart showing descending triangle and broken the back bone. Paralysed. Avoid.

MKH : At RM1.50 support level ... this is property-plantation counter which I have avoided.

Simeprop : currently at support ... and hope the support RM1.34 not broken.

TDM : Going lower 40cents now (split 5 and ex-div chart here).

THPlant : A new low and becoming penny. At 93 cents now.

TitiJaya : At new low and split two recently.

Many more to show ... selldown in recent weeks and many in NEW LOW. And we are NOT in market crash YET.

Others etc etc

Astro : I see the current selldown as a good opportunity to accumulate. This is index-linked, and certainly more suitable for most newbies and busy-individuals.

GeShen : Going lower after the recent gap down, 3 weeks ago.

Tecfast : No joke ... when it was uptrending, I do trade her ... tho I do understand they goring up due to tech rally. As the tech-rally subsides, many these goring-stocks diving lower ... and eventually, died.

TunePro (ex-TuneIns): Also into penny-world and new low now. How low could it go?

Vivocom (ex-Instacom) : pumped up ... and now back to base. A strong avoid far-far away stock.

No worry ... market next week rebounding ... and many more GREEN. BUT BUT ... think again, if we are stuck up there, even it jumps 20-30% higher, we are STILL in paper-loss ... so, no excitement if we are STUCK.

WHy do we stuck? Try to reflect on your own decision in buying those stocks in the first place.

No e-meeting for SELLDOWN as I have few e-meetings during the selldown week, trying to reach out to those newbies ... making them to realize about the market-force in play. DO not go against the tide.

have a nice gogogo week.


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