Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stock Watch : Sapnrg

Sapnrg : In the beginning of 2018, it jumped from 70cents to RM1 and peaked there on the 9th Jan.

Now ... trading below 50cents, it has lost another 50% of its market-cap. This 'giant' is a falling and failing 'giant'. EPF has been an aggressive sellers ... just like what they done with KNM some years ago.

Yesterday's low : 45 cents.

So ... as we are not going to see the bottom of this crashing giant just yet, it is the best to avoid buying. No reason to buy, anyway ... unless for a day-trader. It is difficult to profit from such a downtrend and wont worth the risk. AVOID.

If we could short-it, that will be a better strategy.

Note : I do know many stuck up there, but to average down is suicidal. Sorry for those not cutting their losses, yet.


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