Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Stock Watch : PWRoot

PWRoot : I went to Bentung with a friend (SW member too) to visit a friend. He knew someone working inside PWRoot ... and recommended to buy, with speculation that it will be goring-ed to RM2.80 level ... it was last year OCT, PWRoot was trading at RM2.04, and I grabbed at market RM2.04 (adjusted 5cents dividends). I sold in next 2-3 days!!

My friend said ... I think we should sailang (buy as big) as we have insider's tips!! Well, I wont and remind him that they are working inside the company, doesn't mean they know what is going on with the accounts or the stocks, obviously.

I m a non-believer in tips ... even given from inner people who are working in the company.

So ... if you have sailang PWRoot at RM2 level, today at RM1.60 level ... you would have stuck up there hugely, wondering what you should do.

Buy in stages, always.

And cut-loss and get out once it breaks the support. And yes, many failed the targets.

Note : This is just my opnion ... hold/buy/sell at own risk.


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