Friday, March 09, 2018

Stock Alert : SKPres

VS : Diving further to hit 2.52 ... well, alerted all yesterday. The start of downtrending ... so, be aware.

SKPres : Another alert of downtrending and going to break RM1.66, I have warned from RM1.90 level ... you cant help those ignorance and stubborn type. Sigh.

Few messaged me and e-mail me regarding their stocks which down 20-50% ... some at 70% paperloss. I could not help much as if asked me, I will say cut-loss all and re-start.

Sapnrg : Below 50cents today ... terrible as many retailers losing a lot. Funds cutting their positions and losses too. This one also give warning since RM1.50 broken ... zzz ...

Ok ... more alert coming as selldown in many stocks will continue.


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