Saturday, March 24, 2018

Selldown : Hold at own risk

DOW daily chart after the selldown of 700plus points ... and last night, it dived another 400plus points.

So ... we shall see more selldown, creating new lows to many stocks which already at low ... and also many stocks will break it critical neckline neck week. Some broken yesterday.

Steel Sector : bearish and AVOID. Don't go against the trend. It is over, let it go...if there is some so-called sifu claimed steel-sector undervalued or would rebound, ask him/her : WHY?

LionInd : Broken RM1.20 ... convincingly when I gave alert ... last alert breaking RM1 now. Catching these steel counters would be 'suicidal' unless you are experienced day-trader (catching on rebound on the day ... too difficult, tho).

SKPres : see you at RM1.40 level next ... this is a weekly chart.

As I have shown many in new-lows ... these few are diving back to base level ... and matter of time.

Remember Krono? It broken the current support and expect it to dive further ... till 20-30cents level. Do you think retailers cutloss or out?

See Krono? Traded it up from 40cents ... till the gap-down, I hv to cut-loss and sold all. Today, we shall wait for 40cents again. Big-data? What is that? it is called mark-down in technical la ... after the distribution up there.

Superln : This is one darling of KLSE ... we talking about 10-bagger if (BIG IF) we bought at 30cents level ... run up to almost RM3 ... now, see you at RM1.20 next week. When it is back to 30-40cents, I will YELL again ... sell-yet?

I am non-believe in averaging down 2018. Wait for crash ... be patient. Not crash yet, why stuck up there?

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Have a nice weekend ... and check red-sea next week.


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