Wednesday, March 07, 2018

SELLDOWN due to?

This piece of news ... brought the DOW futures minus 300plus in the morning and KLCI was at minus 1 point ... and I asked members to SELL ahead of more selldown.

Yes ... KLCI closed minu 9 points.

A quick re-action is needed when we see such selldown coming. SELL AHEAD of SELLDOWN was my first e-meeting last week regarding selldown (last Wed night). Then, on Friday e-meeting, I explained a little about type of selldowns.

Last Sunday night ... had third e-meeting regarding SELLDOWN and asking all NOT to average down if one is caught at up there. In fact, it is a CUT-LOSS ... but, how many came for my e-meeting, right? less than 50 ... and most of them are my members or followers. I m glad I have small group of followers ... and learning together.

So ... no matter how many times you will want to tell them ... many are stubborn or ignorant. They buy into those stocks shooting high-high ... and don't know how to sell and caught up there ... don't know what to do ... then, stuck and buy next one that shoot high-high.

I may used Karex as an example of not-believing those media stating under-valued or our brain would be brain-washed ... and believing that condoms will still be used, always. It is more than just the sales of condoms (due to the mentality of population growing).

Karex is just one example on how naïve and ignorance RETAILERS are ... buying into those 'media' news and noises. Nothing related to USD down, Karex down, ya.

HengYuan : Selldown continues today as I heard Mr Koon's sold his portions. If we heard the major shareholders selling, we SHOULD be selling ahead too, rather than pray-average down. This is one simple basic ... if we get to know a major share-holders selling ... so, this is not due to the resignation of Trump's someone ... it is selldown due to 'infested' with naïve retailers ... perhaps, panic selling and margin calls.

How about the selldown in steel ... particularly Masteel? It is hitting 93cents today, from RM1.40!! Well, one of the reason is due to TRUMP (again!!) statement regarding the tariff. I guessed all read about that in details ... which I do not read or knew about it. I just know ... ok la, Trump kasi kacau.

See if I could get at 90cents ... cheap-sales? Becoming cheaper ... support broken, we hv to cut-loss. Broken 98cents today. Sell.

Astro : SELLDOWN ... broken the strong RM2.40 support ... next stop at RM2.20. Anything related to Trump?

SELLDOWN is due to sentiment ... so, those bargain buyers would be glad. Traders would be glad too.

And it has nothing much to do with Gary Cohn, ya.

Lazy to have e-meeting regarding selldown as I just had FOUR e-meetings ... perhaps when the sharp correction, can give a revision to readers and those attended my e-meeting.

Lunch time ... and nap time.


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