Monday, March 05, 2018

Selldown continues ...

Morning ... ok, noon now.

I m at Pyramid ... just came back from PJ. And then, checked that KLCI diving minus 14 points.

EPF : Silly me ... I went to withdraw my EPF but the PJ office closed (due to fire). I didn't check ... well, will go to Shah Alam branch tmr then.

Salute : Back to IPO level and diving further ... do say bye-bye. I salute those who can cutloss once it breaking lower, at 72.5cents NOW ... otherwise, check out TekSeng

Your friendly solar-hot-stocks ... last time la, all talk about solar-this, solar-that. Cannot teach retailers about the stocks up NOT due to solar-biz leh ... u understand or not? Tekseng back to base as expected ... expect more going back to base or lower, ya.

I mentioned in my e-meeting that I sold off everything on Wed-morning last week due to DOW black candle and my senses telling me market will pullback from here. Mana tau, KLCI no drop ... and only dropping at the moment. Really a boleh-land, disconnected from the world ...

.... and we are going to create our own INDEX. You read about that? Crazy leh ... haha.

HengYuan : As I m writing now, this one diving another 8% down ... killing many ignorant retailers.

Sapnrg : Hitting 61 now. NEW low, yet again. Sell yet?

Learning to SELL is more important than BUY. Buying is easier ... SELLing at losses ... and HUGE losses is not easy. Either you quit after sell it off or be stronger to survive ... prepare for bigger battle.

When you are in cash position, you just go jalan-jalan ... and watch movie. haha.

Ok ... off ... given enough e-meeting about selldown ... THREE last week. haha.

Good luck if you are going to average down whatever you are holding. LEARN the painful way, then ... only you will understand what I m talking about. LEARN TO SURVIVE the volatilities. Otherwise ... I repeat, MAJORITY cannot survive 2018.

See if KLCI dive to 1800 in coming days, then only I will have another e-meeting to check if anyone SELL YET.


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