Monday, March 26, 2018

Property stocks (above 500mil cap)

E&O : Back to support ... see if RM1.30 broken soon.

Ecoworld : New 3-yr low, closed at RM1.01 ... shall check if she will break RM1 this week.

EWInt : since IPO day ... been down as property-sector is bearish. Wait for breaking RM1.

Guoco : Back to support ... see if 97cents would break in this selldown period.

IBhd : another drop of 15% , then only watch it at 44cents level.

IOIPg : see if RM1.60 breaks ... wait.

KSL : Ok ... this one broken the RM1, welcoming to penny-world.

L&G : going to new-low ... 18.5cents now ... see her at 10cents?

Ok ... will continue later when free.

Note : I have been bearish on property-sector YEARS ago after the property-stock rally.


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