Friday, March 30, 2018

Penny-stocks (I)

CAB : struggling to stay afloat ... and rm1 is the resistance now.

Gadang : Two weeks ago, turning into penny-stock.

GeShen : Last Oct 2017, it was at RM2.60 level ... today is a penny-stock. Scary?

JayCorp : This week (Monday) it gap down ... below RM1.

JTiasa : Begin of Mac ... dived below RM1.

Karex : exactly a month ago, Karex broken RM1 ...

Mudajaya : Went to close below RM1 last Dec ... but recently it went back to RM1, testing the resistance and failed to break above ... by Feb 2018, it is staying in penny-region and going lower ...

Sapnrg : The most popular penny now ... from RM1 to 50cents now.

Penny-in making : Comfort, Ecoworld, EWInt, Ekovest, GHLSys, JHM, MRCB, UEMS, YTLPower ... many more.


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