Thursday, March 01, 2018

It is March 2018

Morning ... DOW minus 380, yet another selldown day.

I had an e-meeting to explain SELLING ahead of selldown. It is a MUST to keep our cash : equities ratio right ... and we won't be too worry of selldown.

I sold ALL my stocks yesterday morning ... ahead of the selldown. DOW shown a bearish-engulfing, KLCI too.

This was before last night selldown minus 380 points. So ...SELLING is more important than ...buying.

Now ... with 100% in cash, we can BUY during sales. If the market is to dive and correct sharply, we could capitalize on it. But, if we are stuck up there .... buying this and that, we might be nervous.

It is Mac now ... I want to know more about some changes in Bursa, for example ... the shorting part (only for day-traders). Can I short AirAsia if there is a bearish candle, for example?

SamChem : Market swing violently ... and this SamChem also ... swing up down violently. It is a good trading stock, so I will monitor to trade her. Can we short her too ... in mac now?

So ... we shall watch the selldown later ... and enjoy with coffee.


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