Thursday, March 08, 2018

ex-KLCI stocks

Armada : A giant O&G counter which ... well, abandoned. Recently reported profits!! Way to go to recover, if u stuck up there. 

BAT : This kelawar ... ter-keluar. No one smoking anymore as Malaysia going into green-country category. All health conscious ... thanks to our good work from the health-ministry. Heard that we do have obesity issue ... thanks to our 'Negara kaya' ...haha. Avoid BAT. Avoid smoking.

 BJtoto : Went to new low yesterday, no one buying 4D anymore ... Malaysians are much more educated. They gamble in KLSE, instead. BUY call-warrants and those punt into hot-stocks. Huat ar... err ... BJToto giving 7% DY.

IJM : Taken in-out of index ... now you don't see her as taken out. Selldown going on too.

MHB : Many new into markets may not know that this MHHE was index-linked, peaked at RM8 plus (now at 80cents level) and born from MISC. An abandoned vessel.

Parkson : Do you know too that Parkson was one the darling of KLCI? From above RM5 to below 50cents. Cheap? Think again.

Sapnrg (ex-SKPetrol) : hit new low at 50cents ... do you know that this WAS index-linked previously when I traded the O&G rally. It was at RM2-3 level.

 UEMS : Went into penny world yesterday as the selldown continues. Well ... this property giant is being mentioned as it is GLC and ... well, thus election-rally stock? Interesting to know how they speculate.

UMW : Hit bottom RM4 and rebounded. It was from RM10, and if one is stuck up there, don't know what to do ...

YTLPower : Hitting new low yesterday ... and used to be the darling of KLCI. Abandoned.

Many are abandoned and going lower ....EXCEPT AIRASIA. Now everyone can fly!!

I know there are many more which taken out from the index-linked... which my brain can't think of them or lazy to post ... such as Gamuda, MMCCorp ... do your homework.

Generally, if the stock taken out from KLCI, funds will abandon them. Poor fella ...going down trending.

Lunch and time for a class.


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